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The Enlightening Times has been in operation since the spring of 1994.  It is owned and published online now by Evolutionary Astrologer, Tashi Powers.The first hard copy print issue was titled Living Spirituality and was printed and distributed in the Fall of 1994 largely on the East Coast of the U.S.

In it the ET’s mission statement appeared …..read more 

February 19th will be the year of the Sheep!  Hire a Feng Shui and a Vastu expert to help you draw all the positive energies to yourself.  Read more…

Tashi, Evolutionary Astrologer

Tashi Astrologer



March 14th, 2015

Tashi will be speaking on March 14th, 2015 Malibu.  Come see what is ahead!

For More information and Invitation contact us at enlighteningtimes@gmail.com.



Feb 4ths FULL MOON begins the Chinese Month of the Tiger, which is the prelude to the activities of 19 FEB, the NEW MOON is the start of the Chinese Year of the Yin Wood […]

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Introduction to Astrology

Tashi’ s Keywords to the cosmic clock

1 Aries  /Mars
         COURAGEOUS             ENTHUSIASTIC            COMPETITIVE
2 Taurus / Venus
         AFFECTIONATE  PATIENT                      INDUSTRIOUS
3 Gemini / Mercury
         CURIOUS                     VERSATILE                  MISCHIEVOUS
4 Cancer / Moon
         CARING                      SENSITIVE          HOME LOVING
5 Leo / […]

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