Fall 2018 Transits

  • The Fall Equinox lays down a harvest blueprint for the next three months, from Sept 22 to Dec 21, as we are co creating with the Universe..
  • The November mid-term elections are in the purview of this blueprint. The chart shows a huge legal battle, which the public will be informing, in the sense that: each of us in our unique way does envision the collective. The Moon-Neptune energies are going to assist us in re-envisioning the direction that “we the people” wish to take.
  • Becoming the empowerment of the karmic necessity to take action in your own life. Each individual action will ripple through the collective effort, the next three months deep your capacity to harness your dreams, your anger and your creative will — to transform and improve your personal situation, and to contribute to the greater good.
  • Venus is rx this fall.  Read the longer article here.

Uranus in Taurus I am an expert at Integrity
Mantra: I use my talents to create beauty to share as a resource with others.

New Moon in Virgo I am an expert at self-improvement.
Mantra: I practice being truly healthy and kind while overcoming martyrdom and victimhood.

Ingress of the Sun into Libra I am an expert at reciprocity.
Mantra: I balance my need for partnerships with my ability to be a pathfinder. I am an expert at reciprocity.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio I am an expert at sharing.
Mantra: I use my deep sense of connectedness to others to share resources.

Pluto & Saturn in Capricorn I am an expert at responsibility.

Mantra: I overcome domination and submission paradigms through gentleness and dignity.
I strive for maturity and growth to help build community, my own authority, and use the Soul’s guidance to co-create a better society.

Tashi Powers – from her talk at Olandar in Malibu.  Mantras to lift Yourself to a Higher Realm for the Fall Transits of 2018

Once again Moon and Neptune are aligned in the South(10h). Women must lead the way!

The Sun in the 5h of the country shows a shift in the Senate race as Uranus/Sun=change.. Grand Trine ASC, SUN, MARS, NoNode=Kite

This is the chord in the early degrees

Sun 00 Libra                   STRENGTH
Mercury 01 Libra          RELATING
Uranus 01 Taurus         MONETIZING
Saturn 02 Capricorn     LEADERSHIP
ASC 03 Gemini               NAMING
Mars 03 Aquarius         COMMUNITY
Moon 06 Pisces              INSPIRATION
Venus 07 Scorpio          SELF EMPOWERMENT

The retrograde archetype is defined by an  outright withdrawal from conditioned patterns.

Venus rx assists us with this evolutionary necessity to be self- reliant.

As we find ourselves in this new territory, we discover how to sustain oneself using our new inner resourcefulness.

In Scorpio this will often play out as Self-Empowerment scenarios.