November 2018 Moons

  • Sun in Scorpio 10/22-11/21/2018

11/7    New Moon~Wed 8:01am PST     15 Scorpio
11/15  1st Quarter~Thu 6:54am PST     23 Aqua
11/22   Full Moon~Thu 9:3 pm PST       00 Gemini
11/29   3rd Quarter~Thu 4:18pm PST   07 Virgo

THE GODDESS KALI has many different forms as the embodiment of Shakti, the eternal energy of cosmic power.

She is also the Goddess of Tantra as she holds the mystery of the vast meanings of feminine divinity.
In Evolutionary Astrology she is the guide of the soul itself.

She is the vehicle through which the soul realizes that it is co-creating its physical realm with God/Goddess, all that is.

Can you see your co-creation? In Scorpio we learn we are co-creating with Manifested Creation.