The study of Astrology is thousands of years old.  Ancient civilizations dating back to Chaldea observed the stars and wandering Planets with the light of the Moon.  They observed and correlated the life they saw around them, especially the synchronicity that occurred under certain phases of Lunar, Solar or even Mercury, Venus and Mars movement.

Today, with the assistance of computers, a world wide community of Astrologers is emerging on the web.  We are bursting forth with our ability to share and teach and continue to observe the sky, planets, cosmos, galaxies, etc.

There are some keywords that help us all learn the language of Evolutionary Astrology and so here is one I compiled over the years:


Sign Planet Mastery of Evolutionary Task
1 Aries Mars Courage Pioneer Energize
2 Taurus Venus Art Self Reliance Talent
3 Gemini Mercury Clarity Networking Teach/Learn
4 Cancer Moon Sensitivity Nurture Support
5 Leo Sun Creativity Love Entertain
6 Virgo Chiron Order Heal Research
7 Libra Juno Partnership Balance Mirror
8 Scorpio Pluto Intimacy Ignite Trust
9 Sagittarius Jupiter Perspective Enjoy Comedy
10 Capricorn Saturn Leadership Structure Build
11 Aquarius Uranus Community Align Relate
12 Pisces Neptune Spirituality Envision Inspire