Capricorn 2010-2011

Saturn is in Libra the sign of mirror reflecting awareness.  The mirror sign shows us a natural polarity in the “other” that can assist us in seeing more truth about the truth, and if you can see the provident Universe is guiding you now, it is also possible you might be able to truly mature and structure your life in ways to help you achieve the relationship status you desire.

The Winter Ingress ( Winter Solstice) on Dec 21st sets the tone for the horoscope for Capricorn 2010-2011.  Capricorn is a time for social maturity.  It is a time for seriousness.  I once had a wonderful teacher, Jack Schwartz, of the Aletheia Foundation, who taught that thoughts are faxes.  Be careful – especially for the next three months – what you fax out there.  Isn’t it time you learned to harness that beautiful mind of yours?  You can really do it now.   It is a time to lift up your thoughts, open your heart, keep the mind/heart connection open.

Use Saturn in Libra to take back projections.  Use happy mantras to help you realize truth and beauty.  I love the Tibetan Mantra Om Mani Pema Hum. Om = Love/Universe, Mani = Jewel, Pema = Lotus and Hum is “so be  it”.  I have heard it translated, Love is the Jewel in the Lotus of the Universe…

If you want to enter the temple of love here are a few words from a friend of mine…. the will help with the Saturn Libra combination.

HOW TO ENTER THE TEMPLE OF LOVE by Christopher /veatra

I promise I will never do or say anything to belittle, slander or diminish you as an individual, and I will only speak to elevate you to your highest good.

I promise that I will listen to you so that anything you say is not meant to diminish or slander me so that you only speak to me to elevate me to my highest good.

I promise to speak literally to you and say exactly what I mean and feel.

I promise to listen to you so that you can say exactly what you mean and feel.

Mercury has been in retrograde territory, and it is essential to integrate the new understandings of the previous cycle.  Pls…Read about Mercury retrograde ( see side bar).

I wish you peace, love and harmony.  You are the world.  You are the creator.  Create harmony with others, work hard at this.  The world needs you to participate conscientiously in this endeavor.  My heart to yours..  I love you all…

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,Tashi