Sep 6 2018 Saturn 02° Cap 3   Station Direct ~ Truth,Beauty, Boundaries

Sep 18 Mars 01°Aq 52’D Square Uranus 01°Ta 52’R Change or implode
Sep 30 Pluto 18°Cp 45’D Station Dir   Happy Pluto – Soul must win
Oct 05 Venus 10°Sc 50’R Station Rx   Go within to win without
Nov 06 Uranus 00°Ta 00’R Enter Sign Aries 00°Ta00′  Cyrpto Currency is here to stay.
Nov 08 Jupiter 00°Sg 00’D Enter Sign Sagittarius 00°Sg 00’D NATURAL LAW
Nov 16 Venus 25°Li 15’D Station Direct    REVIEW SEPT 3
Nov 16 Mercury 13°Sg 30’R Station Rx     RE~THINK  BELIEFS
Nov 19 Mars 02°Pi 33’D Square Jupiter 02°Sg33’D STEP ON THE GAS
Nov 24 Neptune 13°Pi 42’D Station Direct                 DREAM BIG
Dec 06 Mercury 27°Sc 16’D Station Direct        SECRETS REVEALED
Dec 07 Mars 13°Pi 44’D Conjunction Neptune 13°Pi44’D  POETRY MUSIC