Gemini 2011


Gemini 2011  by Tashi


Solar Gemini – Horoscope

Mercury’s movement through the backdrop of the tropical zodiac determines what an Astrologer observe in order to correlate events on Earth.  This year for Solar Gemini, Mercury is direct, moving through Gemini, and in the same territory as the Moon’s Nodes.  This translated into your language means that Karma and people are the ticket.  New people coming in, old people going out.

There is also an eclipse in Gemini ( since the nodes are there, there has to be).  An eclipse has an easy mandala to observe.  One door closes.   One door opens.  This eclipse so far seems to be about new opportunities, of course you have to let go of the dead weight.

The tornadoes seem to be aligned with Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, a very volatile combination of planets.  Mars, the Planet of violence, has been conjunct Mercury the Planet of the Wind, also stirring up possibilities.

Mars goes into Gemini on June 21, and will then trine Saturn.  I believe this will help calm down the house market, as the need to rebuild will be a game changer.

The eclipse which is a NEW MOON at 11 Gemini, brings a transit on June 8th.  Watch for an event on that day to highlight the eclipse energies.  Mars also will be at 11 Gemini on July 7th.  This is a very volatile day, whose events will culminate in February of 2012.  If Jun 8 or July 7 is your birthday, expect an event to stretch between the first date and Feb 2012.

Saturn goes direct during Gemini.  On June 13th, Saturn will begin forward motion through Libra.  The review of relationships of the past 6 months ( Jan 27,2011) 10-17 Libra, will now be integrated into your daily experience until October 2011.  So realizing this astro fact, perhaps you can be aware of what you are working on and really give it your full heart.

I believe that this evolutionary mantra for Libra – I balance my relationships with others by accepting both my need for healthy interdependence and my need to pioneer and explore my life on my own terms.

Gemini trines Libra.  This means it is a stable year for Gemini.  Communication should be expansive.

Mercury races through Gemini this year, it is only in tropical Gemini from June 3 through June 16th, a mere 13 days.   Mercury trining Saturn in Libra on June 7th and 8th could bring Govt action in the troubled regions of the world, bring solutions and although some may be heavy handed, probably effective in changing the totalitarianism.

In your own life, you have 13 days of really positive activity to make good new boundaries, see and embrace new truths, especially in relationships of all kinds.  Use this rare event to really own your life.

My heart to yours