Interview with Miranda Shaw

In Tantric Buddhism I see the male principle as the consort to the female…If you look in a dictionary, consort implies subordination. So I use this term for the male because in the Tantric text the male is subordinate to the female, in the sense that the female is more likely to have a direct unalienable relationship with reality, by virtue of having a female body which is an extremely complex intricate instrument of reality calibration…(Read more)

Conversations With God’s, Neale Donald Walsch

I think the Westerner approaches his path through his mind. I think the Easterner approaches, largely, although not exclusively, his path through his heart. I think Easterners have to be dragged kicking and screaming to their mind about God, and I think Westerners have to be dragged kicking and screaming to their heart center about God. The beauty about Conversations with God is that it brings people (it almost sneaks up on you) from their mind to their heart….(Read more)

TANTRA..An Interview with David Germano

David Germano teaches at UVA in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. His position is Professor of Tibetan and Himalayan Traditions. He teaches Tibetan language and also Tibetan literature, which is often Tantric in nature. His graduate seminars focus on Tibetan Tantric Buddhist traditions because this is the main field where he has his own specialized research. As well this complements what other people are doing in the department. He is translating and studying the Tantric tradition of the Nygima Tzokchen texts…(Read more)

Jack Schwarz of the Aletheia Foundation Re-defines Balance

I studied with Jack Schwarz from 1972 until his death in 2000. He was the best human being I ever met. He taught me what life was really about. Under his tutelage many of us learned to see Auras, read thoughts like Faxes, remote view, love the magical universe and see how exactly we fit in, what was our part of it. He showed all of his students to read the chakras, heal ourselves and others. We were all pioneers in understanding brain wave functions. He was truly the most amazing gift to anyone’s life…(Read more)

The Dresden code Uncoded by Raymond Mardyks

IRaymond Mardyks describes the Mayan Calendar as the Mother Map, -a fully developed Galactic System showing the higher evolutionary pattern for the Planet Earth.

His interest began in the 1990′s when most of the information about the Mayan calendar was informed by Jose Arquelles, who used a dream spell dial to give you a galactic signature. After meeting with Jose in Sedonna Raymond decided to find out what the dayspell was, falling in love with the eloquence of the patterns. As he studied the patterns further he saw that it represented galactic cycles…(Read more)