Mercury Retrograde

Evolutionary Astrology – Mercury Rx

Revealed for Summer 2014 for non-astrologers and astrology buffs alike.

In Evolutionary AstrologMercury, The Winged Messengerical – we use all Rx periods to un-clutch from consensus conditioning.

Mercury RX is NOT about:

  1. …Projections that things aren’t going right because Mercury is RX
  2. Illusions that it’s not a good time to sign documents.  Anything that is being REDONE will benefit from Mercury Rx contracts.
  3. Confusion about communication errors as if they don’t come from you.  If you can own the Mercury retrograde phenomena, then you will understand how it is needed to help you through the evolutionary gateways.  Is your mind adapting to the changes?

Mercury Retrograde 2014: All The Information You Need

  • 24 MAY begin REVIEW 28 GEM32_lunes
  • May 23 Mercury enters shadow zone at 24º 23’ Gemini
  • May 25 Mercury harmony with the North Node ( destiny unfolding ) May 28 Mercury opportunities with Venus May 29 Mercury enters Cancer June 7 Mercury stations retrograde at 3ºCancer
  • June 17 Mercury Rx goes  back into Gemini June 19Mercury Rx aligns with the Sun. June 25 Mercury Rx out of combustion June 28 Mercury  Rx harmonizes with the North Node of unfolding destiny
  • July 1 Mercury Stations direct at 24ºGemini July 3 Mercury harmonizes with the North Node of unfolding destiny July 13 Mercury re-enters Cancer


2014 Phases of Rx Dates for Venus and Mercury

  • 1. FULL MIND- END CYCLE – April 25th,2014
  • 2.   EVENING STAR May 4th,2014 – Jun 10th,2014
  • 3.   ENTERS REVIEW -   24 May 2014 Stationary June 5-9th
  • 4.   RETROGRADE - June 7th
  • 5.   NEW MIND – June 19th RX Mercury / Sun
  • 6.   MORNING STAR Jun29 – Aug1
  • 7.   DIRECT New territory   JULY 1, 2014 July 16 Mercury leaves shadow zone at 3º Cancer
  • 8.   COMPLETION   NEXT CYCLE – Mercury/Sun direct conjoined on   August 8th, 2014

Mercury  through the Stars

Alnitak in Orion’s Belt | 24º Gemini ~ May 23, Rx June 25, July 5
Al Hecka in Taurus| 24º Gemini ~ May 23, Rx June 25, July 5
Polaris in Ursa Minor | 28º Gemini ~ May 27, Rx June 19, July 11
Betelgeuse in Orion | 28º Gemini ~ May 27, Rx June 19, July 11
Propus in Gemini |3º Cancer ~ June 6, Rx June 7, July 16

Mercury Rx Summer 2014

Mercury also moves into Retrograde territory in early June which may help us to better question our presumptions and find a new way to interpret the signs that are coming to us from the uni-verse.

Mercury often must trick and amaze the ego into the consideration of new possibilities, achieving this best while retrograde by seemingly undoing all that we have so carefully sewn to­gether. Since Mercury is only retrograde 20% of the yearly cycle we benefit from learning this natural cycle by blocking time out for in­-creased self-reflection, taking advantage of it to assist us in our contemplative, intuitive growth.
As a messenger, retrograde Mercury delivers up… to the conscious mind, unevolved and unknown information, which is usually dormant in the unconscious. The messages from the unconscious which can signal a need for a deeper clarity can be the irritation of cancelled appointments, broken promises, telecommunication devices that mal-function and mis-information all of all kinds resulting in big distortions in your capacity to communicate directly.
These archetypal messages are a clue to re-examine your life, especially your communicative skills.
Revise your long term goals, sweeping out the endless stream of distractions, so that there is space for a true clarity to emerge. Learning how to better make friends and influence people can lead to a develop­ment of a deeper understanding of the importance of relating.
In general Astrologers recommend that you do not sign contracts while Mercury is retrograde unless there is a conscious desire to change the agreements, or REVISE those made during the time when Mercury is going forward once again.

Gemini correlates with diversity.

While retrograde mercury is trying to assist you to ‘grok’ as much as possible of the evolutionary condition you are in. If you are able to slow down because you feel it, you know it is time to re evaluate situations   — only then will your perspective deepen. The exact activity depends on your house placement.

  • Mercury is a happy little Planet …in a bookstore, for example, a Mercury type individual is going to read two pages of this and one page of that, thinking that it is reading everything.
  • And this means that an evolutionary intention is to understand as much as possible.
  • During Mercury RX, the intention of the Soul is to evolve beyond the portion of the truth that it has already realized.

The Retrograde Cycle


  • 1. FULL MIND: A time when the mind has its optimum objectivity and concreteness. The mind is full and it must begin to now sift through and order its UN-integrate data, as well as prioritize its goals.Inf2.  EVENING STAR – WISDOM:  Having amassed, and perhaps over- burdened itself with new information, your thinking processes now begin to change from a spontaneous, information-gathering, ‘outgoing’ manner to a more intentional, systematized and reflective mode. This time marks a more subtle responsiveness to the world around you.   Signals from the environment tell you to slow down. What has been understood through pure instinct must now become deeper understanding; wisdom.
  • MERCURY REVIEW: If you keep a journal now, you will see what the tests are. Review territory is the subject matter that arises when The Retrograde Planet crosses back over it later in the rx phas
  • MERCURY RETROGRADE: The trickster is afoot, consequently suspense and uncertainty may overtake rational thought. Calm down and review your circumstances and conditions. Guard against a tendency to reject the signals from the environment that are there to assist you in increasing your awareness of the changing world. Mentally you may not be in high gear. This is most likely because the mind is assimilating its past two months of learning, rather than trying to work out new problems.
  • see this depiction of Mercury as it aligns with the Sun wile Retrograde.  This is always a very BIG day for information about the future!me-rccycle (2)
  • FORETHOUGHT NEW MIND – SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY RX: New horizons and vistas of possibilities become the focus of the mind so you are eager to move forward but Mercury is still retrograde. Curb your restlessness now, and continue to reflect, staying open and in touch with your feelings while Mercury’s energies assist you to be aware of your capacity to really communicate well, especially in a group context where you are aligned in the sharing of a collective goal. Do not sign contracts now, if possible. This is not a time to make any major decisions. Now is the time when the lessons of trust and surrender become profound teachers. Do not try to jump the gun!  Mercury retrograde in inferior conjunction to the Sun, in geocentric astrology) is thus analogical to that met at the new Moon, when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, thus is in geocentric conjunction with the Sun. Such a Sun-Moon conjunction is taken to be the beginning of the “lunation cycle.” At that time, symbolically speaking, the lunar agencies, whose task it is to build life-organisms, are fecundated and given direction by the Sun; the will and purpose of the Sun is impressed upon them, and this impression is like the impact of a sound shaping loose sand into vibratory patterns, or like the effect of a magnet upon iron-filings.   “Dane Rhudyar…”
  • MORNING STAR: Mercury now rises ahead of the Sun. Strengthening of intention happens now. Steady focus, determination, purpose.
  • DIRECT: The Planet now changes to forward motion. All stationary direct periods are loaded with intense energy/focus or tension. Your experience will relate directly to the amount of awareness you have managed to engender. If you are in synch with your self, having made any necessary emotional adjustments, then this threshold will be a smooth transition from awareness back to attentive focusing where the mind is more actively involved with the details of the matters at hand.
  • SUPERIOR CONJUNCTION: A conjunction of Mercury and the Sun, while at “superior” conjunction Mercury or Venus is direct. New forward phase of energies.

Jupiter Retrograde 2014

Jupiter retrograde –   gives us a review of what’s real and helps us look at reality vs what we believe. 

Our beliefs may be questioned during the opening of the year. 
Nature seems to be in charge of many of Jupiter’s wake up calls.Jupiter equates to Natural Law, all legal systems, all philosophical thought, mentors, education, higher thought forms.

Venus Retrograde 2014

Our Values have time to deepen.
Our hearts wishes can ripen.
Doors of the heart and past experiences can heal now.
New loves, new adventures, that are outside the consensus are also healthy during this period.As in all Retrograde phases, Planetary energies are able to help us find our way out of a paradigm that is stifling our individuality or has us being lesser than we are. We can discover different ways to relate during this phase.

Evening Star and Morning Star from the web 

…When Venus first rises in the west as an evening star represents the “birth” of Venus. It is then on the far side of its orbit, and so it is at about its faintest at birth.
It then grows a little brighter every day as an evening star in the west, like a child growing up, until it gets to point 4 in the orbit. That point is called the greatest eastern elongation because it is as far east of the sun as it can get.
By this time, Venus is in its “prime” of life, and is very bright. It then continues to get even brighter for about another month until it is so bright it can cast a shadow on a moonless night …Because it is at this time so near the earth, it seems to plunge surprisingly quickly into the earth and “die” ….

….”at the time when the planet was visible in the sky (as evening star) Quetzalcoatl died. not until 8 days had passed did the great star appear; that is, as the morning star.
Notice that the eight days of the disappearance of Venus exactly fits the actual average orbital value. Thus, following their analogy, we can think of Venus as dying at point 5, at which point it really does appear to go into the underworld, and then of Venus resurrecting at point 6, when it rises as a bright morning star.

Synodic Periode

  • . The synodic period of a planet is the period relative to the sun as seen from the moving earth, and is by far more important than the sidereal period for the evening and morning stars because they are always near the sun. That is, the whole idea of evening and morning has to do with the sun, so the length of time of the evening/morning star cycle is the synodic period, or the period between successive crossings between the earth and the sun.
  • In the case of Venus, Venus orbits the sun 13 times in 8 years, that is, during the period in which the earth orbits the sun 8 times. For this reason, Native Americans said the number of Venus was 13, while the number of the earth was 8. Thus, if Venus orbits the sun 13 times while the earth does 8 times, then Venus must pass us 5 times during those 8 years. Thus, Venus passes between the earth and the sun 5 times in 8 years, meaning that it completes 5 synodic periods in 8 years, or 5 complete evening/morning star cycles. The Mayans had carefully tracked the cycles of Venus, and had noticed that 5 Venus cycles of 584 days just equalled 8 years of 365 days (5 x 584 = 8 x 365). Notice the great difference between the sidereal and synodic periods of Venus: its sidereal period is less than 8 months, but its synodic period is 1 3/5 years.
  • For Mercury the difference is not so great between the sidereal and synodic periods. The sidereal period being 88 days means that while it orbits the sun once, the earth has only gone through about one quarter of a year. Thus, it takes about another month for Mercury to come around and again align with the sun. It turns out the synodic period is 115.88 days, which means that Mercury goes through 3 entire evening/morning star cycles each year. Remember pi from math (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter?)? Remember that one approximation of pi is 22/7? Well it turns out that there are not just 3 Mercury cycles per year, but about pi per year, and 22/7 is even more exact because in 7 years Mercury goes through 22 cycles


  • Evening and Morning Star. The earth is shown at the bottom of the illustration, and for our purposes, consider it to be at rest. So let’s look at Venus at different places in the orbit. It is orbiting around the sun counterclockwise in this illustration, and the earth is rotating on its axis in that same direction, causing night and day. When Venus is on the left side of the illustration between positions 3 and 5, it appears as an evening star, when it is on the right side between positions 6 and 2, it is a morning star. In the other positions on the near and far side of the orbits, it is too near the sun to be seen. The periods as evening and morning star each average about 263 days, the disappearance on the near side of the sun is about 8 days, and on the far side is about 50 days, for a total of 584 days for the entire cycle.