Interview with Miranda Shaw by Tashi

In Tantric Buddhism I see the male principle as the consort to the female…If you look in a dictionary, consort implies subordination. So I use this term for the male because in the Tantric text the male is subordinate to the female, in the sense that the female is more likely to have a direct […]

T A N T R A . . . An Interview with David Germano by Tashi Powers,

This Interview is by Tashi Grady Powers, founder of the Enlightening Times Postmodern Online Journal and The Enlightening Times Magazine In Print since 1994 in Charlottesville, Virginia David Germano teaches at UVA in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. His position is Professor of Tibetan and Himalayan Traditions. He teaches Tibetan language and also Tibetan literature, which is […]