Today’s Horoscope

Today’s HOROSCOPE for 2011 by Tashi

There are many interesting factors to 2011.  It is going to be very different than 2010.  Jupiter and Uranus will continue to travel together through tropical Aries, a much more fiery sign than 2010′s Pisces alignment.  Aries is all about pioneering and adventuring.  Fearless and adventurous, this should be an exciting year.  The cardinal cross continues between Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter and Uranus moving through Aries.  The most dynamic months of the year ahead will be Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Pluto in Capricorn and is now in a building relationship with ‘Cap’ ruler Saturn in Libra. Build it and they will come is the mantra for this next two years. Saturn and Pluto assist us to build new foundations and change the course of our lives.  Mars is in Capricorn for the first Ingress period, making the Winter of 2011 memorable in some way.  Let’s hope it is about something pioneering and not about aggression and violence.  As above so below, so make the difference in your own life.  Go forward with great passion and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Libra – in evolutionary terms, astrologically speaking, is about relationships of all kinds.  So as Saturn moves through the tropical sign of Libra we are all focusing on how we wish to relate with others and if we are up on relating, we will have the opportunity to intend how others relate with us, but getting the boundaries straight.  Saturn is the truth and beauty frequency.  As Saturn moves through Libra I recommend that you see the opportunities in the structures in your reality and try to make them serve you and others, for the highest good.

Aries 2011 AdventureLibra 2011Mature  The first three months of the year you are under a lot of pressure from the inside.  You are in touch with your higher self and thus it is your soul life that is most important to you.  Evolution requires change.  Shifting out of herd/consensus or better known as co-dependent relating will serve you well now.  Change is going to be your tshirt ensignia this year so get some catchy phrases to warn everyone… topsy turvey doesn’t have to be unbalanced or chaotic.  Embrace impermanence, the first tenet of tibetan buddhism and you will have a running head start, okay a fair chance, of embracing your life consciously this year.  It will be memorable, because of the changes.

Spring is the bumpiest part of the year for the Ram.  Remember to initiate with consideration of what the mirrors or others (partners, lovers, friends,) need.  If you don’t you will waste the most enlightening 3 months of your life.

Taurus 2011OpportunitiesScorpio 2011Evolve  As you know there is a lot of hoopla about 2012, and if you knew Mayan astrology you would also know it is because your planetary ruler, The Great Goddess VENUS is the reason for that hoopla.  She is making a 138 year rendez vous with our Sun, the singer of the song of our lives… ( Sun)
So, my dear Taurean earth child you can prepare for the end of the Mayan calender in your reality by becoming more resourceful.  Use your talents.  Venus and Mars conjoin in your sign this year.  That means you have a new start.  Nobody said it would be easy, but you do have a lot of opportunity this year.  Trust your talents and really search your soul life, take yourself back to square one, where you alone know the truth of your journey and what you need to do to fly.  This is going to be a great year, with Pluto in Capricorn trining your sign, IF you are honest, clear and true to the goals.  Take your talents to the next level.

Gemini 2011ExpansionSagittarius 2011Explore More

Could Gemini ever be told it needs to be more curious?  Not really.  But this is an interesting beginning of the year.  I used the Ingress chart to see what is ahead – and I see that you are in a quieter frame of mind, and digging deep to see what is of value now.  Social responsibility is the main focus now.  Whether it is the choir at the church or the whole wide world, you are going to have to step up and LEAD others with integrity and vision.  You can do it.

Cancer 2011Spiral UpCapricorn 2011    Social Responsibility

Moon children, this is a good year for you.  There are six ecllipses this year and four of them are partial.  So intensity is the feeling of the year when it comes to emotional growth, but the good news is that you cannot help but grow, because it is so in your face – where you need to grow – that you can grok it.

Virgo 2011ServePisces 2011Enlightening times ahead.  Since 2004 you have had a high focus for evolutionary/revolutionary shifts in your world.  The change in March of Uranus moving into Aries will create a little peace in your psyche.  It’s not all upheaval anymore.  You might even get a regular gig, and a predictable life for a while.  I know this will be a welcome change from the spontaneity of the past seven years.

Mercury enters the shadow period on March 17, 2011 at 12 Aries

Mercury turns retrograde March 30, 2011 at 24 Aries

Mercury turns direct April 23, 2011 at 12 Aries

Mercury returns to new territory on May 12, 2011


Aries 2011

With Jupiter and Uranus in your sign the false starts of 2010 should finally be behind you.  After the new moon in February the Rabbit year energies will bring a softer turn of events as you feel finally free to move forward in all aspects of your life.  Make sure you respect the natural laws of karma, with Jupiter in your sign for the next year.  This is a very enlightening year for Aries and Libra’s who will be able to see into the mirror of reflections more easily this year.  Let your magic tortoise go ( i ching )  is my advise to Rams.

Taurus 2011

A lovely trine from Pluto should help you Taureans  become resource-full.  This is an excellent year to get in touch with your talents and really learn self reliance.  It is important to use your own gifts, by that I mean the talents mother nature endowed you with, to earn a living and expand yourself on all levels this year.  The provident universe is always conspiring to shower you with blessings… and the soul life trine energy from Pluto brings harmonious vibes to earth signs this year.  Be confident and know you can build up on whatever you focus your desire.

Gemini 2011

Life is about to get a whole lot easier than it has been in a while.  Let go of the past, and make sure to be kind as the doors swing closed to those who will be distant memories.  Many new adventures await the twins in the year ahead.  Mercury, Gem’s planet will Rx

Cancer 2011

With Pluto in Capricorn in your opposite sign, it is time to spiral upwards to integrate Soul Life with your ongoing emotional path.  Emotional maturity and social maturity are the themes for the year ahead.  Lunar eclipses define the year for the Moon signs.  Watch this site to see where the Lunar eclipses will land.

Leo 2011

Solar Eclipses define the year ahead for the Solar ruled sign – LEO.   Leo=CelebrateAquarius =     Strategically Align

The courage we see in the world changes in the faces of the youth of Egypt embraces the Lion hearted pride that Leo’s will all feel this year.  Eclipses this year are in the high numbers  (*6).  We had 6 eclipses during 1973 – watergate – which has left a last impression, anything that needs investigation now ends in Gate.  Egyptgate?  Leo’s this is a gate year.  Get ready.

Virgo 2011

Mercury retrogrades set the tone for VIrgo’s as well as the placement of Chiron.  Please check Mercury retrograde pages for more insight into your year ahead.

Mercury enters the shadow period on March 17, 2011 at 12 Aries

Mercury turns retrograde March 30, 2011 at 24 Aries

Mercury turns direct April 23, 2011 at 12 Aries

Mercury returns to new territory on May 12, 2011


Libra 2011

Saturn in your sign all year means you will be learning the truth and beauty about relating with others.

Scorpio 2011

Pluto in Capricorn tells you to be socially responsible.  Transformation is necessary.  Flow with the changes.

Sag 2011

Jupiter moves through Aries in 2011 creating a fire trine for you Archers with your bows strung tight.  Easier year ahead.

Capricorn 2011

This is a very interesting year for you if you can step up to leadership and let go of the patterns that hold you  back.

Aquarius 2011

Pisces 2011

The current New Moon in Pisces hosts Mars, Uranus and the Sun in Pisces.  Lots of energy for Pisces 2011.  Pioneer and energize your world – the first few months are about ending phases which are outworn.