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Check Your Chart, for this week!   30 June, 2014astrology sign to post on fb by darius

Apparently just saying what’s going on is illegal, in Egypt, 3 journalists jailed for mentioning the Muslim Brotherhood. Conspiracy to say it with sneaky info is illegal in the UK, the girlfriend goes free. After Mercury’s double aspect to Saturn, Saturn drew lines in the sand, judged impressions, minds were made up if not expressed.

Prepare to have many affairs stirred by the Double Double not get resolved till 13 July. Mercury brainstorms through Canada Day, we get faced with a Change or Else Moment a week later, and then Mercury has a bridge to cross or burn by the Up Tight Full Moon.

The day after Mercury’s alignment, decisions tumbled out of those made up minds, air waves chattered. The first outgoing wave hit Saturn, the Punisher, this time by the Sun. Big Authority is taking charge, like in Egypt, and the US ready to smite ISIS. Iraq slides into Partition (Saturn, the Divider). Putin stands down, Ukraine’s borders realigned.

The biggest Authority, Mother Nature, is ticked again. Bees have taken a beating for years, these pollinator-slaves caring for 3/4th of all our food crops. Nicotine is a powerful nerve poison (remember how green you got off your first cig?). Coating all our seeds in neonics (40% of all pesticides), just in case, kills all it touches, 90% going downstream, somewhere, like everywhere. Scientists say Ban It, Globally, Now! Bees say, If we go, you’re going with us.

As Mars opposed Uranus, challenges to authority sprung up. Baby Kim in NK freaked over “rogue” Seth Rogan’s latest comedy, oh, the “undisguised terrorism” of it all. Boehner sues Obama over executive power, who’s the boss. Harper wants medieval banishment again.

Such changes to the Word, like the Constitution, (retrograde Mercury past alignment) are premature, untenable. Boehner and Harper are likely to lose, but as Venus and Mars got ‘frisky’, they teased their voter base. Blacks in Ole Miss were not to be teased, voted against a neo-KKK. Gays in TO were there to tease, set a Pride record.

With Personal Planets aspecting Uranus, Divas threw a Spite Fit, cohesion ready to fracture. But a New Moon can hold on, even in desperate times. And, with it trine Neptune, notice how Neptune wove together Ukraine voting in the EU, Obama sends advisors and Putin sends jets so Iraq can strike back at ISIS, all in about a day. Notice how Canada’s Supreme Court decision on aboriginal title will have sweeping consequences, starting with pipelines.


This Week:Suddenly, Mercury is mum. What can you say when perspectives shift to very broad? Before we get some of Jupiter’s protections next New Moon, this week finds 2 Giant Planet Complexes and the Sun aspecting Giants, all affecting extensive affairs, most will find this a pleasant and friendly week. Some still have homework. Beware Saturday’s growlies.


Nota Bene: There is a White Dwarf in Aquarius (the Constellation), so old and cold, it has condensed into a Planet-sized diamond. The Ancients have been telling us for centuries, late Aquarius to early Pisces is a realm of fortune and treasure. Find yours yet?

            Like us, monarch butterflies use UV light. They use it to navigate. Hmm, us, too? We at least use it as a pain killer. Yay, Summer’s here, gather some Sun, let the snoozing begin.

            In sync with Science and the Cosmos. You can reach me at (604) 55-33-11-2.


Monday, 30 June. (apogee Moon endlessly slow in Leo. Saturn in Scorpio aspects Jupiter / Neptune. 16-17 Fixed, 1-2 Cardinal)

This would get little obvious notice without the Moon midday. Jup-Nep is like a beehive of a thousand excuses for Saturn’s use to thwart and stall. But, this also starts a serious erosion of obstructions. Someone just ran out of excuses, all previous ones hitting their expiry date. You can no longer make stuff up out of nothing, quibble just because, or sow doubt for doubt’s sake. This weakens many forms of resistance, peaking in November.


Tuesday, 1 July. (slow Moon cordial in late Leo. Mercury stationary, turning direct in late Gemini. 24 Mutable, 9 Fixed)

Button it, you still don’t know what you’re talking about. You may think so, but give it a few days, not all pertinent data is in yet. There is no real need to commit till late Thursday. Besides, “no”, nothing, bupkis is a statement.


Wednesday, 2 July. (Moon dreamy in Virgo. Jupiter in Cancer aspects Uranus / Neptune. 26-27 Cardinal, 11-12 Mutable)

OK, so the Moon might gloat a bit, feeling advantage if she takes the long view. Jupiter’s goodies are packaged in so many layers, most miss them, they take so long to unwrap, and when they are, they’re quite subtle in their gratification. But, if you’ve played all your cards right, and this degree hits your chart, sit back and let a winning hand unfold, no need to rush.


Thursday, 3 July. (Moon adjusting in Virgo. Venus in Gemini aspects Jupiter in Cancer. 12 Mutable, 27 Cardinal)

Somebody got a prize. Don’t know it yet? Or, are you the only kid up, while others stay lost in deep sleep? Midday yesterday put a smile on your face. It’s a wakeup call to pleasantries. Like much this week, give it time. Let me know in a moon-th.

(the Sun in Cancer aspects Saturn / Neptune. 12 Cardinal, 27 Fixed)

This is normally a quite sluggish moment, bogged down in repetition and drudgery. But, like sticking with piano lessons, it’s a transition from make-believe to performance. With backup from Venus, you’re honing talent, or at least gaining satisfaction from the grind. Pace yourself.


Sunday, 6 July. (Moon careless in late Libra. Venus in Gemini aspects Uranus in Aries. 16 degrees and 1 degree of All Signs)

Is it carefree or cleanup from yesterday? The Moon occults (hides) Mars Saturday eve, reining in this playful little ‘monster’. Some kids get carried away, colour outside the lines, in creative exuberance. Welcome this freedom of personal expression, just channel it. Find a focus.





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