Weekly Horoscope

Check Your Chart, for the Week of 10 October, 2022

by John Rutherford, Astrologer. Reading Your Horoscope since 1971.

BC is still setting temperature records. Endless Summer, when will it end? There is no frost on the pumpkin. And, with nighttime temps running 4-7 degrees above normal, there has been no deep rest-sleep for all of us creatures for months. All that’s going on, on many levels in the background, put a strain…

And, with so little getting stirred up in the Astrological foreground, we get to see a broader perspective. Besides the obvious need for Clean Up and agonizing repairs (pick a storm, from PEI to Fla. to Nicaragua), many background issues of accountability come more into focus: insurance companies won’t pay for most of it; the abusive sexual culture at Hockey Can, US Women’s soccer, and the So. Baptist Conv.; how the economic collapse in 2014 led to so many refugees from Venezuela; how Covid, heat, and toxic drugs lead to paramedic burnout in BC; how worker shortages everywhere from here to China drive up Inflation; how trusting the empty promises of DJT led to Russia on the run in Ukraine. Finally, all the Do Nothing police in Uvalde, TX, were fired. Venus is cleaning up.

Making a decision under Mercury retrograde led to a US rail strike again is possible, now that Mercury is direct again; the UK Cons had to backtrack on their tax breaks for the rich. Making threats of Nuclear War led many to question Putin, his sanity, his vastly diminished resources (how does a $2T/yr. economy fend off a $1T influx of military aid from the West?), and his capability.

If you know anything about the US military, it declared in the 90s that modern warfare is more efficient than using nukes, meaning (among other things) that Vlad would likely do as much harm to his own as his opponents, not that he cares. Vlad on the Run, losing ground bigly (120 settlements in 2 weeks) after his Sham Elections, his Wagner Gp. mercenaries decimated, half of all his conscripts flee, losing even his most hard-nosed supporters, ah, Vlad the Sad. At least he got a thoughtful Birthday present: the Kerch bridge to Crimea was blown up, and with a memorial postage stamp from Ukraine to go with it.

OPEC wants to cut 2 million bbls of oil/day to boost prices. “Yikes, that will spike gas prices!” “That’s interference in the US midterms!” Well, ‘yes’ and ‘not necessarily. Global Inflation is far from over, thanks to Covid, Conflict, and Climate; gas prices are a relatively small part. Primarily Germany and the EU have been stockpiling, to stave off an expected Nasty Winter, and the Oil Cut doesn’t start till November.

So, now what? The Sun is trine stern, stoic Saturn, going stationary in a week or so. Lower BC overnight temps will finally drop to normal for 3 days only, then spring back to 10 degrees! Mars square Neptune suggests Too Little for Too Long (like striking ON teachers say). Then Mercury, the Sun, then Venus hit a whole bunch of jangling Aspects, many disconnected, aimed at disconnecting. “What will they say or do next!?”

This week: Thank the Heavens, Monday is supposed to be slow, careful, and well-paced. Tuesday, well, consider it a day that takes forever to wake up, and not till the Witching Hour. Then, Wednesday, “Hear All About It!” Oh, please, what jamming and cranking. It makes no sense, just pure, primal releases, scattered and scrambled. Many Private Lives won’t be the same after.

Nota Bene: Venus gets touchy before aligning with the Sun (again, next week). On Friday, the Moon in Gemini forms another Grand Trine, with Venus and the Sun in the Scorpio end of Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius. As said before, this Locks In What’s In, Blocks Out What’s Out. Who wants to get stuck, locked in, with a mad dog nipping and snapping? That’ll leave a mark, if not a scar.

All Planetary Aspect energies build up several hours before (for the swift) to a few days before (for the slow), as they approach. The Moon triggers within 2 hours.

Like Astrology, CYC is complicated, and cannot be explained in a page or two. Exceptions, depending on the context, can apply. Contact me for Your Natal Horoscope and a reading.

Friday – Saturday, 7-8 October. (Moon biting off more than it can chew in Pisces. The Sun in Libra has soft aspects Venus / Saturn (and hard aspects Jupiter / stationary Pluto). 14 Cardinal, 29 Fixed)

The Jup/Plu says you’re mostly on your own, feeling isolated. Venus / Saturn means to take care of Personal Business and Duties. Did you call Granny and wish her well? Did you take out the trash? Did you brush your teeth? Stick to the basics.

(Pluto stationary, turning direct in Capricorn. 26 Cardinal, 11 Mutable)

If this hits one of Your Four Personal Points, here is your moment of “invincibility”.

Monday, 10 October. (Moon staying loose in Aries. The Sun in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius aspecting Venus / Mars – Neptune. 18 degrees and 3 degrees of All Signs)

The Full Moon pointed this out days ago: someone is stuck in a losing personal position. What can you do now but ride it out? Hunker down, and take your Sweet Time to see where this settles.

Tuesday, 11 October. (Moon is finally agitated and needs a change in Taurus. Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. 23 Mutable, 8 Fixed)

Toljaso. This is going nowhere fast, or is that what you wanted? Consider it an adventure.

Wednesday, 12 October. (Moon hitting a wall in Taurus. Mercury in Libra hard aspects Jupiter in Aries, Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius, soft aspects Venus / Uranus. 1-3 Cardinal, 16-18 Fixed)

Two weeks ago, hitting these 3 Giants, Venus was asked to do Clean Up. Now, Mercury gets to talk about it, a lot, as it searches for Supporters Fading Away, too late for rescue. Face facts.

Thursday, 13 October. (Moon in spouting mode in Gemini. The Sun in Libra hard aspects Mars – Neptune / Uranus, then Mars – Neptune / Saturn. 20-21 Cardinal, 5-6 Mutable)

First, you do something stupid, on a whim, not thinking ahead. Then, you pay consequences, right? Why did you not think of that? Oh, someone, we won’t say who, suggested…

(Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius. 18 degrees and 3 degrees of All Signs)

… and here sits Venus, biding her time, sullen, waiting… Yeah, this won’t be forgotten, maybe not forgiven either. Don’t offend Personal Priorities nor Social Appearances.

Friday, 14 October. (Moon locked in a Personal Dilemma in Gemini. The Sun in Libra soft aspects Venus / Mars. 22 Cardinal, 7 Mutable)

This would normally be pleasant, pleasing, possibly romantic. “Are you kidding?” Probably. Venus and Mars carry a lot of ‘baggage’ right now, especially with Venus also aspecting Uranus and Saturn / Neptune (where paranoid conspiracies abound), and Uranus and Saturn / Mars (for eruptions of nasty tempers). Hardly anyone is that kinky. Enduring upset, with pains.

Your Four Personal Points are, in order of importance:

The Ascendant, the Midheaven, the Moon, and the Sun.  These are the most important points of your Horoscope, calculated from your birth date, your birth place, and the time of day you drew your first breath.

The first two Personal Points, the Ascendant and Mid-heaven, are the points that fix the Earth in space for your birth time at your specific birthplace.  We live on the Earth, not the Sun or the Moon.

The Ascendant also called Your Rising Sign, is more critical than your Sun Sign.

Simply, and generally, only, forecasts that affect your:

Ascendant relate to matters in your environment.            Use it to see what’s in front of you.

Mid-heaven relate to matters in your personal life.            Use it to see what’s in your mind.

Moon relate to matters in your emotional life.          Use it to see what’s in your heart.

Sun relate to matters in your physical life.             Use it to see what’s in your core.

The Signs of the Zodiac are:

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Heaven, Help Us!  The forecast is the mood of the moment.
When it rains, we all get wet, no matter what “Sign” we are.
If you like this forecast, let others know.  SEND IT TO THEM.
If you have comments or questions, LET ME KNOW.
Check Your Four Personal Points every week to see if any of them is targeted, and…

Your Horoscope is the picture of the Heavens for the moment you were born.  Using the latest advances in Astronomy and Astrology, get a Horoscope reading with accurate, up-to-date detail.

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