Weekly Horoscope

Check Your Chart, for the Week of 19 September, 2022

by John Rutherford, Astrologer. Reading Your Horoscope since 1971.

It appears the timing and the flavor, or the nature, of events happening to Putin and Trump are connected. Maybe not in direct connection, though suspicions have suggested so for years, they are falling into a linked pattern. As the biggest wave yet of subpoenas hit the T-klan, Vlad had his biggest loss yet in the 3-day war against Ukraine.

As the T-minions scramble to reinforce their allegiance under growing questions, Putin’s own raise more questions. As the T-base hardens, and gets more nasty and extreme, fighting voting and abortions, Vlad hunts journalists, dissenters, and disagreeable Oil Magnates (now 18 curious “suicides”). And, after the Sun was trine Uranus the Organiser, these moves all show up as fully organized, coordinated, and sanctioned from the top.

Last week was Putin’s worst, as one political wildfire was quelled on his southern flank, another erupted; his enemies and rivals sense weakness. In the US, fearing the worst, in the middle of practically nothing Astrological, the T-fanatics went on an anti-refugee campaign, shipping the clueless poor to unknown places, reminiscent of the Reverse Freedom Riders of 60 years ago, protesting Civil Rights.

“Out of a clear blue sky?” Well, Wednesday, not exactly. This time, the Sun did its own thing. When the Sun erupts, it’s ionized, separated into zippy electrons and draggy protons. Normally the protons are ‘reading’ at 4-5; Wednesday, for a few hours, they jumped over 50! The mood turned Primitive, a sluggish drag down to the basics. For Primitive types, motivation means Fear, Hate, and Rage.

And, that’s what happened, but not the way they wanted. After aligning with Uranus, the Moon squared Saturn to deny and frustrate the venture. Shipping helpless innocents to unknown places smack too much of naked Fascism. The gloat of “owning the Libs” was met with Care and Concern for the victims of this Political Stunt, and Angry Outrage by many more than ‘the Libs’. Most embarrassed T-types flip-flopped outrageously.

Not so curiously, at the same time, the Threat of Economic Collapse (by a truckers strike before the Sun opposed Neptune) was averted by Biden negotiating the obvious: make a deal or we all suffer. Under Mercury retrograde, the deal was understandably temporary to keep all in line. Mercury has stirred more questions and insecurities than normal this time. A T-picked judge puts a halt on Ts “newspaper clippings”, ignoring huge legal and National Security improprieties with Top Secret documents.

And, over it, all is The Queen and her funeral. All the international Pomp and Puffery drowned out most everything else. Canada’s PP, the T-wannabe, had his CPC coronation barely noticed because of her. As her funeral builds to its finale under Neptune at its closest to Mother Earth, we see Neptune’s extremes (with Jupiter, especially this year), from the Ultra Rich to the Ultra Poor. The Lord of the High Seas kicked up many storms, flooding Japan, Alaska, and Puerto Rico (100% without power), as Uranus threw in a quake for Taiwan.

Mercury begs the question, What of the Monarchy? When will the Koh-i-Nor go back to India? The Wind of Change blows globally. The Commonwealth, the EU, Asian coalitions, and more are already shifting. With a Global Recession looming, to be made more apparent after the Sun opposes Jupiter under the next New Moon, just as the cost of gas goes down, more fiscal adjustments will be needed.

This week: Technically, the Sun won’t finish its New Moon Planetary Aspects (to Uranus, then Jupiter, then Saturn / Uranus by Tea Time) until later Monday. And, Jupiter won’t aspect Uranus until Wednesday, so much is ‘clustered’. Then ‘diplomatic’ Venus starts some Soothing, Smoothing, and Cleaning Up as she aspects those 3 Giants on the weekend when Mercury stands still. Then, strangely, the Heavens go quiet, with only 1 passive Solar Aspect the whole week. Hmm, what a humdrum next Full Moon on the 9th.

Nota Bene: A friend wants to know, “How does this Transit affect me?” How can I know without looking at your Horoscope? The Weather affects all of us. How specifically depends on the Time of Day, of course, and in this case, the Time you were born, the Time of your 1st breath. Simply, it can make a world of difference if the stuff hitting your Horoscope belongs to You or to Them.

All Planetary Aspect energies build up several hours before (for the swift) to a few days before (for the slow), as they approach. The Moon triggers within 2 hours.

Like Astrology, CYC is complicated, and cannot be explained in a page or two. Exceptions, depending on the context, can apply. Contact me for Your Natal Horoscope and a reading.

Monday, 26 September. (Moon on a treadmill in Libra (see Tuesday). The Sun in Libra aspects Uranus in Taurus, soft aspects Mars / Uranus, opposes Jupiter in Aries, hard aspects Saturn / Uranus, aspects Saturn in Aquarius. 3 Cardinal, 18 Fixed)

This is more Social Involvement than most people can handle without All Crumbling. And, with All the Planet Players retrograde, seeming to be ‘turning their back’ on the Major Situation, it’s hard to see any resolution at this Time. Someone has to make the 1st Move for any resolution. Tomorrow is a Stalemate. More Cordial Openings start by Thursday. Someone has to get pushed to the wall 1st.

(retrograde Mercury aligns with Venus in Virgo, both square the Galactic Centre. 26 Mutable, 11 Fixed)

First, you have to admit there is a problem before it can be fixed. And, in this case, it has to be done in the Public Eye. A Public Admission is the best, if not only, route to remission. Not doing so at this moment increases the decrease in Public Esteem. Yeah, fess up or get shamed.

Tuesday, 27 September. (Moon seeking invisibility in late Libra and early Scorpio. Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius. 19 degrees and 4 degrees of All Signs)

This is a drive that doesn’t want to quit, a Do or Die kind of thing, made more so by the Moon last night. A Grand Trine with the Moon is relatively weak, but there is no easy release to this, even Wednesday night until this Rage starts to run out of steam early Saturday.

Wednesday – Thursday, 28-29 September. (Moon twitchy, feeling desperate in Scorpio. Jupiter in Aries aspects Uranus in Taurus, both aspecting Venus / Sun (Saturn included later). 3 Cardinal, 18 Fixed)

Picture, if you will, coming home finding the kids and the dog, and a feral squirrel have had a Happy Hey, Hay Day all over your place. The only thing you can do is start picking up the pieces, and hope that shows them the way, how it is supposed to be done. The squirrel has to go.

(the Sun in Libra soft aspects sluggish Mercury / Mars – stuck Saturn. 6 Cardinal, 21 Fixed)

Aren’t you tired, yet, of running round in circles and getting nowhere? It’s not for lack of effort, busting your buns for what? Do you know what you want? You want to go where? It’s about direction, an objective, and there isn’t one, yet. Get one, then you can Go.

Saturday – Sunday, 1-2 October. (Moon is eager to see what’s next in Sagittarius. Venus in Libra hard aspects Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius. 3 Cardinal, 18 Fixed)

Consider this a Major Clean Up. Either you are helping with this mess or you are part of it and looking to get tossed into the trash. Ooh, this sounds Very Personal. Yup, it is. Attitude Check!

(Mercury stationery in Virgo, turning direct. 24 Mutable, 9 Fixed)

“Hey, about the above, what do I do?” What have endless explanations gotten you so far? What about a Cold Dis to get your message across? Being Reasonable hasn’t, and can’t, cut it cuz it’s an Emotional Issue. Slam the door shut, and there it is peace. Only then will they learn about 2-way streets.

Is your Number up? Check Your Four Personal Points for every day (see below). If the numbers match, this day is meant for you!

Each forecast shows the Moon Sign, the Planetary Aspect, and the Numbers of degrees in Signs for the Planetary Aspect.

The Moon Sign is the Sign the Moon is in for that day. The Moon Sign gives an advantage to the Sign it is in, puts extra pressure on the opposite Sign, and tends to cross up or neutralize the Signs at right angles. For example, with Fixed Signs, if the Moon is in Taurus, Taurus has the advantage, Scorpio gets challenged, and Leo and Aquarius get shifted or crossed up.

The Planetary Aspect is where the action is released. It’s the Excuse. Unlike daily Horoscopes that suggest each day has the same level of influence, this is the core of changes in the daily energies.

The Sign Numbers are the degrees in the Signs of the Zodiac being emphasized. If the degree for any day is close to any degree of Your Four Personal Points (see below), within a degree or so, THIS IS YOUR DAY. Pay extra ATTENTION.

You may have several days in the week activated for you, or you may have none. As a degree hits one of Your Four Personal Points, the forecast tells about the important things in your life. The daily forecasts tell you when. The overall story comes through over time. Sooner or later, the degrees of the Forecast catch up to all Your Points.

Your Four Personal Points are, in order of importance:

The Ascendant, the Midheaven, the Moon, and the Sun.  These are the most important points of your Horoscope, calculated from your birth date, your birth place, and the time of day you drew your first breath.

The first two Personal Points, the Ascendant and Mid-heaven, are the points that fix the Earth in space for your birth time at your specific birthplace.  We live on the Earth, not the Sun or the Moon.

The Ascendant also called Your Rising Sign, is more critical than your Sun Sign.

Simply, and generally, only, forecasts that affect your:

Ascendant relate to matters in your environment.            Use it to see what’s in front of you.

Mid-heaven relate to matters in your personal life.            Use it to see what’s in your mind.

Moon relate to matters in your emotional life.          Use it to see what’s in your heart.

Sun relate to matters in your physical life.             Use it to see what’s in your core.

The Signs of the Zodiac are:

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Heaven, Help Us!  The forecast is the mood of the moment.
When it rains, we all get wet, no matter what “Sign” we are.
If you like this forecast, let others know.  SEND IT TO THEM.
If you have comments or questions, LET ME KNOW.
Check Your Four Personal Points every week to see if any of them is targeted, and…

Your Horoscope is the picture of the Heavens for the moment you were born.  Using the latest advances in Astronomy and Astrology, get a Horoscope reading with accurate, up-to-date detail.

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