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Check Your Chart, for the Week of 13 November, 2023

by John Rutherford, Astrologer. Reading Your Horoscope since 1971.

What a fine mess. So many problems, so few solutions. Or, so few solutions being offered that would be agreeable to more than just a select few. “And, all this comes together Sunday night.” Everyone is “right” (from their perspective) and everyone (else) is “wrong”. What an extreme mess, defying solutions.

Alas, the perplexities of Jupiter aspecting Neptune. Jupiter is all for “pushing” something, but what? Neptune has a pocket full of “hidden things”, like agendas and hidden biases even the perpetrators don’t yet know. Jupiter represents Leaders, like kings, bosses, moms, and stuff. And, recently, every one seems taintedlacking in some way.

Israel’s leader won’t say what he knew about the Hamas attack, meaning was he complicit in letting a massacre occur, so he could promote his Jewish Supremacy? Biden is behind in the polls; what a loser, old and dottering, except he still seems to be waiting for the other side make the mistakes before he starts to campaign. And, the other guy keeps losing, even in mounting criminal cases, promotes concentration camps for immigrants, yet stays the front runner? More unelectables want in, to spoil the race.

What a mess. Free Speech means Jew Hate. Ax the Tax means ignore Global Warming, burn more Fossil Fuels (at their highest levels ever for all the Big Economies), after the hottest year on the Planet in 125,000 years (but, if you “read your Bible”, Earth is only 6,000 years old). And, Iceland is Quaking Crazy, 800 in a day, threatening an eruption that would destroy crops and economies across Europe and the World (much like Global Warming). Moody’s downgraded the US credit rating, due to its Political Mess.

And, the messes keep piling up. As Arab Fury grows (aided by Poisoned Propaganda, Jupiter – Neptune), and US military strikes hit back at Arab Radicals, Iran says per the Hamas War: “expansion… inevitable”. The US radical Right wants to shut down the US government, assisting Putin et al. At least Fiona, “the UK’s loneliest sheep”, was rescued after 2 years at the foot of a cliff.

This week: The Sun just opposed Uranus, to “reveal” what’s going on. What about doing? The Sun aligns with Mars late Friday, stuffing down overt “doing”, and internalising “the war”. How can you wage any campaign without allies (Uranus)? They must come from “within”, or you’re going it alone. Too much “infighting” goes nowhere. Oh, with the Sun also trine Neptune, maybe that is the place to go. It’ll be a lot quieter. Sunday, what a “nothing” day.


Nota Bene: Haunting Memories: Numbers tattooed on aging left forearms, the blue dye diffusing with the time. A neighbour in university days, who fought under Gen. Patton going into Germany, “We dug down 20 feet, and there were still more bodies.” After WWI, “Lest we forget.” We forgot. After WWII, “Never again.” Here we go again?

All Planetary Aspect energies build up several hours before (for the swift) to a few days before (for the slow), as they approach. The Moon triggers within 2 hours.

Like Astrology, CYC is complicated, cannot be explained in a page or two. Exceptions, depending on context, can apply. Contact me for Your Natal Horoscope and a reading.

Monday – Tuesday, 13-14 November. (New Moon grasping at fire and rage in Scorpio, looking to sweet-talk its way in Sagittarius. The Sun in Scorpio, and Venus in Libra hard aspecting Uranus in Taurus, then both hard aspect Mars – Uranus. 21-22 Fixed, 6-7 Cardinal)

The New Moon was in the wee hours, and the hard aspects are still developing, meaning all the Pent Up Rage and Grudge Angers will take a while more to be “revealed”. Hang onto your hat, and please stay careful, very careful. Accidents, and Snaps of Personality, are still brewing.


Wednesday – Thursday, 15-16 November. (crescent, rib-like, Moon grasping desperately in Sagittarius, seeking solace in Capricorn. Venus in Libra semisquare Sun in Scorpio; Venus sextile Mercury in Sagittarius hard aspecting Uranus / Neptune; the Sun soft aspects Venus / Jupiter, hard aspects Mercury / Jupiter; Saturn trine Venus-Sun; Venus hard aspects Sun – Mars. 7-9 degrees and 22 – 24 degrees of All Signs)

Now things get very personal. It’s one thing to vent, but entirely another when the favour is returnedwith interest (meaning increase) and endurance (Saturn). Despite endless excuses, many made up, there really is not one that’s valid, much less excusable.


Friday – Saturday, 10 November. (Moon needing extensive ‘repair time’ in Capricorn, putting out (or, in) too much in Aquarius. The Sun and Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces; with Venus in Libra, Sun-Mars hard aspect Saturn / Uranus. 24-25 degrees and 9-10 degrees of All Signs)

When so many degrees get affected (also, like the above), this means a broad, likely Global Effect. Neptune also makes this broadly, and persistentlyinsidiously so. Saturn says ‘stop’, Uranus says ‘change’. Something always gets cranked upif not broken, with these two. Sometimes it literally means Business, a good thing, reaching for New Markets, but definitely not the same thing if it’s Personal.

Is your Number up?  Check Your Four Personal Points for every day (see below).  If the numbers match, this day is meant for you!

Each forecast shows: the Moon Sign, the Planetary Aspect, and Numbers of degrees in Signs for the Planetary Aspect.

The Moon Sign is the Sign the Moon is in for that day.  The Moon Sign gives advantage to the Sign it is in, puts extra pressure on the opposite Sign, and tends to cross up or neutralize the Signs at right angles.  For example, with Fixed Signs, if the Moon is in Taurus, Taurus has the advantage, Scorpio gets challenged, and Leo and Aquarius get shifted or crossed up.

The Planetary Aspect is where action is released.  It’s the Excuse.  Unlike daily Horoscopes that suggest each day has the same level of influence, this is the core of changes in the daily energies.

The Sign Numbers are the degrees in the Signs of the Zodiac being emphasized.  If the degree for any day is close to any degree of Your Four Personal Points (see below), within a degree or so, THIS IS YOUR DAY.  Pay extra ATTENTION.

You may have several days in the week activated for you, or you may have none.  As a degree hits one of Your Four Personal Points, the forecast tells about the important things in your life.  The daily forecasts tell you when.  The overall story comes through over time.  Sooner or later, the degrees of the Forecast catch up to all Your Points.

Your Four Personal Points are, in order of importance:

The Ascendant, the Mid-heaven, the Moon, and the Sun.  These are the most important Points of your Horoscope, calculated from your birth date, your birth-place, and the time of day you drew your first breath.

The first two Personal Points, the Ascendant and Mid-heaven, are the points that fix the Earth in space for your birth time at your specific birth place.  We live on the Earth, not the Sun or the Moon.

The Ascendant, also called Your Rising Sign, is more important than your Sun Sign.

Simply, and generally only, forecasts that affect your:

relate to matters in your environment.

Use it to see what’s in front of you.

relate to matters in your personal life.

Use it to see what’s in your mind.

relate to matters in your emotional life.

Use it to see what’s in your heart.

relate to matters in your physical life.

Use it to see what’s in your core.

The Signs of the Zodiac are:
 Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)
Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Heaven, Help Us!  The forecast is the mood of the moment.

When it rains, we all get wet, no matter what “Sign” we are.

If you like this forecast, let others know.  SEND IT TO THEM.

If you have comments or questions, LET ME KNOW.

Check Your Four Personal Points every week to see if any of them is targeted, and…


Your Horoscope is the picture of the Heavens for the moment you were born.  Using the latest advances in Astronomy and Astrology, get a Horoscope reading with accurate, up-to-date detail. 


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