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Check Your Chart, for the Week of 6th March 2023

by John Rutherford, Astrologer. Reading Your Horoscope since 1971.

Storms, Storms, and Storms.

Solar Storms blew and Political Storms brewed. A few years ago, most Astronomers thought the current Sunspot Cycle would be a dud. Then, new calculations and, on schedule, this one’s a doozy, more spots than usual and still cranking it up. Not only did it not slow down about now, but the Cycle and its energies are also still going up!

Over the last week or so, more Spots have popped up, and popped, with powerful flares, huge mass releases, and high-speed proton winds that zapped Earth’s poles. The electromagnetic blitzes have shown stunning aurorae but messed up all sorts of gizmos, like the computer fuzzies seen, including the ones between our ears. And, another Oops Moment, curiously appropriate for our time: it was calculated but ‘somehow’ didn’t make the transfer.

Saturday’s Solar aspect to “info problems” (Mercury / Neptune) didn’t include one to Jupiter / Uranus (same degree), empowering all related problems, especially if reinforced by a Big (Jup) Crowd (Ura). That was when CPAC was held, usually for the GOP. But, this year, so divided, most top Repubs didn’t attend, it was the MAGA fest. Haley got heckled. T spouted a Revenge Agenda, “I am retribution.” The Big Lie was The Show, with caps and shirts. Ominous for non-believers. And, with Monday night’s Full Moon linked with so-stubborn Uranus (these days; it shifts in May) and Mercury / Neptune’s willful deceptions, it’s more so.

This was, and is, so much more than ‘Dilbert’ getting fired for the White Victimhood rant. The Gay bashing is Red Meat for the MAGA crowd, from the new “gay is evil” Disney board in FL (because Mickey was respectful and inclusive) to the homophobes in Calgary. Freedom to Hate is at MAGA’s core and Violent Racism is its bread and butter (when was the US ever great for blacks or natives?), “normalized” thanks to the Internet (Jup – Nep), and a growing lack of accountability (Jup – Nep).

Except for the SC lawyer, thief, and liar, who killed his wife and son because the legal walls were closing in. Deliberation took only 3 hours, and their minds made up after Mercury aligned with Saturn. The guilty verdict was at 7:06:05 pm EST. The Horary chart showed the jury was really angry at him. The red-haired scion of SC still faces 99 charges of fraud and theft.

More Mercury – Saturn Day: 900+ girls (Merc = youth) poisoned (Sat = threat of death) in Iran for going to school (Merc = teaching). Lavrov, the Rus. FM, laughed at (Sat = derision) when he told his Big Lie, “They started it.” Hwy #1 (Merc = roads) was hopeless (Sat = closed) beyond Hope. B.C. avalanche season has killed 12 so far.

Weather Storms raged. The line from LA to the Maritimes held; above: winter, 3-4 meters of snow in CA mountains, thundershowers in ON; below: kablooie. In a clear blue sky, a plane dropped sharply after passing through OK and had to land in Tenn. Huge hail stones are a sign of a highly ionized atmosphere.

Other Storms: Measles. Corporate closings. Loan defaults. And, we know why Uncle Joe wouldn’t send F16s to Ukraine; they’re going to Taiwan to keep China from invading.

This week: Major issues dealing with “mental problems” (communication, deals and agreements, calculations, etc.) persist from Saturday through Monday night’s Full Moon. Divas, and the like, won’t like it and will take high umbrage and fight back through Wednesday, this week’s two Solar aspect times. Then, back to a mostly La De Da ‘normalcy’, especially Nada Friday (only Moon aspects), until a few hormones and voices start feeling ‘an urge’ Saturday.

Nota Bene: The precision of the “guilty” verdict is noteworthy. A few in the last week or so have tried to make an issue about the accuracy of their birth times. Most given birth times are inaccurate, and for very simple reasons: what was taken as ‘the time’ (it needs to be the moment of First Breath), was the clock calibrated to the International Time, and was it read correctly? Simply, most all Horoscopes need to be Rectified, to make sure they fit the person, precisely on several levels and with various charts (progressed, location, etc). Nobody, except the very rare, is born exactly at noon, on the half-hour, or right on the minute. A young boy was “born” at 10:53 pm; the calibrated watch for 1st breath said 2 min, 10 seconds later.

All Planetary Aspect energies build up several hours before (for the swift) to a few days before (for the slow), as they approach. The Moon triggers within 2 hours.

Like Astrology, CYC is complicated, and cannot be explained in a page or two. Exceptions, depending on the context, can apply. Contact me for Your Natal Horoscope and a reading.

Monday, 6 March. (Full Moon squelching discourse in Virgo. The Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus, both aspecting Mercury / Neptune. 15 degrees and 0 degrees for All Signs)

Not the most moving of Full Moons for the year, but perhaps the most consequential, depending on How Much will get away with? This includes issues of Trust and Confidence. Expect this to be like a sticky-fingered heist, with feints and deceptions, to do yourself a favor. The greater the caution, the security, and the care of what you have, the safer the situation can stay. Too bad if They don’t like the cameras, the notes, the pat-downs. And, hopefully, this turns out to be a friendly chat over trivial pursuits. If not, a Vulnerability Window opens tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, 8 March. (Moon is a bit clumsy and careless in Libra. The Sun in Pisces has hard aspects Venus / Uranus, and soft aspects Mars / Jupiter. 18 Mutable, 3 Fixed)

Ah, the Diva Dance, hustling for a bigger gain. The image: a stripper as daring and challenging as possible to get more tips. This is a Hard Case, definitely not a Sad Case. It’s all about Me, not you. “Cough up, Big Boy.” Then, “Who’s next?” Enticement without attachment.

Saturday, 11 March. (Moon twitchy, looking for a change in Scorpio. Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini. 23 degrees and 8 degrees of All Signs)

Triggered Thursday night, so, feeling frisky? Mars says, Do Something, even if it’s just getting up and walking around. Why stay idle when there are things to do, like clean up your place and your act? Personal Energies, use them so you don’t lose them. Excellent for a workout.

(Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus. 15 degrees and 0 degrees for All Signs)

Like above, soft aspects don’t motivate but provide potential once used. Here is a Bright Idea, an opening waiting to be asked. Wanna get lucky, or luckier than now? All ya gotta do is take the first step, like later tonight, and the rest will take care of itself.

Is your Number up?  Check Your Four Personal Points for every day (see below).  If the numbers match, this day is meant for you!

Each forecast shows the Moon Sign, the Planetary Aspect, and Number of degrees in Signs for the Planetary Aspect.

The Moon Sign is the Sign the Moon is in for that day.  The Moon Sign gives an advantage to the Sign it is in, puts extra pressure on the opposite Sign, and tends to cross up or neutralize the Signs at right angles.  For example, with Fixed Signs, if the Moon is in Taurus, Taurus has the advantage, Scorpio gets challenged, and Leo and Aquarius get shifted or crossed up.

The Planetary Aspect is where the action is released.  It’s the Excuse.  Unlike daily Horoscopes that suggest each day has the same level of influence, this is the core of changes in the daily energies.

The Sign Numbers are the degrees in the Signs of the Zodiac being emphasized.  If the degree for any day is close to any degree of Your Four Personal Points (see below), within a degree or so, THIS IS YOUR DAY.  Pay extra ATTENTION.

You may have several days in the week activated, or you may have none.  As a degree hits one of Your Four Personal Points, the forecast tells about the important things in your life.  The daily forecasts tell you when.  The overall story comes through over time.  Sooner or later, the degrees of the Forecast catch up to all Your Points.

Your Four Personal Points are, in order of importance:

The Ascendant, the Midheaven, the Moon, and the Sun.  These are the most important points of your Horoscope, calculated from your birth date, your birth place, and the time of day you drew your first breath.

The first two Personal Points, the Ascendant and Mid-heaven, are the points that fix the Earth in space for your birth time at your specific birthplace.  We live on the Earth, not the Sun or the Moon.

The Ascendant also called Your Rising Sign, is more critical than your Sun Sign.

Simply, and generally, only, forecasts that affect your:

Ascendant relate to matters in your environment.            Use it to see what’s in front of you.

Mid-heaven relate to matters in your personal life.            Use it to see what’s in your mind.

Moon relate to matters in your emotional life.          Use it to see what’s in your heart.

Sun relate to matters in your physical life.             Use it to see what’s in your core.

The Signs of the Zodiac are:

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Heaven, Help Us!  The forecast is the mood of the moment.
When it rains, we all get wet, no matter what “Sign” we are.
If you like this forecast, let others know.  SEND IT TO THEM.
If you have comments or questions, LET ME KNOW.
Check Your Four Personal Points every week to see if any of them is targeted, and…

Your Horoscope is the picture of the Heavens for the moment you were born.  Using the latest advances in Astronomy and Astrology, get a Horoscope reading with accurate, up-to-date detail.

Contact me for Your Natal Horoscope and a reading at [email protected].

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