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Check Your Chart, for the Weeks of 19 and 26 December 2022

by John Rutherford, Astrologer. Reading Your Horoscope since 1971.

Do you believe in coincidences? Me neither and, if so, why are you here?

This was the first time in a century that the US Congress took more than a single vote to elect its Speaker. It took 15 votes. A tight cabal of MAGA holdouts extorted the process until they got what they wanted and McCarthy got the gavel. It was all about power.

What happened in 1923? The KKK was on the rise. The Robber Barons were going isolationist, what we’d say today was nationalistic. Times were great for the Haves, getting better, it was the Roaring 20’s. And, on suspicion of an offense, whites burned down a black town in Florida. The time before that, to take so many votes, was 1859, just before the Civil War. Coincidence? Hmm.

Last week was relatively boring. There was Monday (more on that later), then not much was going anywhere (they had started a seemingly endless series of votes with zero compromises), and then the Full Moon with Mercury retrograde. The Full Moon was exactly about 6 pm EST. McCarthy was gloating, “making progress”. The clincher came just after midnight.

A New Moon is noted for its insecurity, so a time of change. A Full Moon is noted for its self-serving confidence, so a time hard to make a change. The Moon, the symbol of The Public, was also going apogee, out of touch, so “Who cares what they say?” The Moon was opposed to Mercury, so “We’re going to change all the rules to get what we want.”

Ah, but Mercury was (still is) retrograde! I have yet to see a decision made under a Mercury retrograde that didn’t change typically within a matter of months. The MAGA Klan expects, is planning for, Gridlock!!! Shut down spending! Impeach Biden! Right Wing Revenge! We will see soon enough how far this gets before they fall into their own Gridlock.

Since the first day of the Congressional Session is Monday, it’s birth so to speak, and the Sun is aspecting the Uranus / Neptune midpoint, the Point of Unconsciousness, the combo found so often with Conspiracy Theories. Apparently, they have no urge to govern or make policy for the People, just make a Monster Mess, disrupt all, then claim to be Heroes for cleaning up.

Yesterday, just as retrograde Mercury was aspecting the potentially deadly Mars / Saturn, supported by Uranus, the Lord of Chaos, supporters of the Brazilian Trump (an actual relative), Bolsonaro, attacked their Congress, and 100s were arrested. Bolsonaro is actually in Florida (staying at Marred-a-Lago?), likely awaiting extradition. What a coincidence! Not really.

As for last Monday not being the best day to go to work (it was a holiday here for most)? One of the Solar aspects was to Mars / Uranus, meaning potential violence, perhaps by something unusual. A football star was hit with a helmet in the chest at just the right moment. Damar, #3, had a cardiac arrest. It stopped the game and made the sport wince. They took out his breathing tube (Mercury = “the winds”) just after the Full Moon, Friday night.

This week: More in the vein of the above, Mars, the God of War, or at least the Go-Getter, is standing still on Thursday. All the GetUp and Go’s got up and went (or, will). The curious thing is, Monday, Venus makes a trine to Mars. Aw, that should generally be great for Romance, being pleasant, affectionate, agreeable, and playful. But what, if the Get Up got away? It’s a beautiful hat, but no cowboy. So, with all the jangled dissipations, keep It (whatever you’re working on or toward) in the ‘development stage’. There are too many frazzles and dissipations about.

Nota Bene: The Sun was up, then down, then way up, spouting a CME that wasn’t, but still threatening X-ray flares and magnetic storms. The Kilauea volcano woke up again. The Sun and the volcano, like us, will sit on the edge for a while.

All Planetary Aspect energies build up several hours before (for the swift) to a few days before (for the slow), as they approach. The Moon triggers within 2 hours.

Like Astrology, CYC is complicated, and cannot be explained in a page or two. Exceptions, depending on the context, can apply. Contact me for Your Natal Horoscope and a reading.

Monday, 9 January. (slow Moon determined in Leo. Venus in Aquarius hard aspects Neptune in Pisces, trine soon stationary Mars in Gemini aspecting Saturn / Neptune. 8 degrees and 23 degrees of All Signs)

Normally, this would be agreeable, if not enticing. Despite all the teasing and temptations, how can this get anywhere if The Desire can’t follow through? Disappointment ultimately on both sides.

(the Sun in Capricorn hard aspects Uranus / Neptune. 19 Cardinal, 4 Mutable)

Mercury had a taste of this realm of Make Believe, last Thursday. It’s one thing to be on the outside and project a batch of pipe dreams but, once in the driver’s seat, how can you hope to put them into action? What a stretch too far.

Thursday – Friday, 12-13 January. (Moon is almost desperate in Virgo. Mars stationary, turning direct in Gemini, soft aspecting Sun / Saturn. 8 Mutable, 23 Cardinal)

This just won’t get going, no matter how much you push or demand. This stays locked in place, frozen in time and space. Either the kid just won’t grow up, or gramps ain’t never gonna get it.

(the Sun in Capricorn aspects Venus / Jupiter, sextiles Neptune in Pisces, hard aspects Mars in Gemini, then Saturn / Neptune, then softly retro Mercury / stuck Mars, then hard at Jupiter / Uranus. 22-23 Cardinal, 7-8 Mutable)

Except for the smug, seemingly satisfied Venus / Jupiter, what a litany of problems and disappointments that lead finally to an explosive set of changes! Neptune means dissipation to disappointment unless there’s a Plan. In this case, the plan can be seriously malevolent, started last Monday with Mars hitting the ultimate Go Slow aspect (Sat-Nep). Unfortunately, the best solution seems to be, Let Them Get Exposed for the mistakes they will make. Then, take them to court. The Court of Public Opinion is the ultimate here. (This set of aspects is so complicated, get yourself to a competent Astrologer.)

Saturday, 14 January. (Moon trying to stay quiet in Libra. Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. 14-15 Fixed, 29 Mutable – 0 Cardinal)

Here we go with the Diva Dance again, someone so vain, they just can’t help themselves while helping themselves to just what they want, blind to others. If only we could be considerate.

(retrograde Mercury in Capricorn semisquare Saturn in Aquarius, both aspecting Sun / Neptune. 8 Cardinal, 23 Fixed)

Perfect for a meditation retreat, calming the mind out to its most subtle reaches. Sadly, for most, this is mind-numbing, if not damaging. Suspect serious difficulties, even with breathing.

Is your Number up?  Check Your Four Personal Points for every day (see below).  If the numbers match, this day is meant for you!

Each forecast shows the Moon Sign, the Planetary Aspect, and Number of degrees in Signs for the Planetary Aspect.

The Moon Sign is the Sign the Moon is in for that day.  The Moon Sign gives an advantage to the Sign it is in, puts extra pressure on the opposite Sign, and tends to cross up or neutralize the Signs at right angles.  For example, with Fixed Signs, if the Moon is in Taurus, Taurus has the advantage, Scorpio gets challenged, and Leo and Aquarius get shifted or crossed up.

The Planetary Aspect is where the action is released.  It’s the Excuse.  Unlike daily Horoscopes that suggest each day has the same level of influence, this is the core of changes in the daily energies.

The Sign Numbers are the degrees in the Signs of the Zodiac being emphasized.  If the degree for any day is close to any degree of Your Four Personal Points (see below), within a degree or so, THIS IS YOUR DAY.  Pay extra ATTENTION.

You may have several days in the week activated, or you may have none.  As a degree hits one of Your Four Personal Points, the forecast tells about the important things in your life.  The daily forecasts tell you when.  The overall story comes through over time.  Sooner or later, the degrees of the Forecast catch up to all Your Points.

Your Four Personal Points are, in order of importance:

The Ascendant, the Midheaven, the Moon, and the Sun.  These are the most important points of your Horoscope, calculated from your birth date, your birth place, and the time of day you drew your first breath.

The first two Personal Points, the Ascendant and Mid-heaven, are the points that fix the Earth in space for your birth time at your specific birthplace.  We live on the Earth, not the Sun or the Moon.

The Ascendant also called Your Rising Sign, is more critical than your Sun Sign.

Simply, and generally, only, forecasts that affect your:

Ascendant relate to matters in your environment.            Use it to see what’s in front of you.

Mid-heaven relate to matters in your personal life.            Use it to see what’s in your mind.

Moon relate to matters in your emotional life.          Use it to see what’s in your heart.

Sun relate to matters in your physical life.             Use it to see what’s in your core.

The Signs of the Zodiac are:

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Heaven, Help Us!  The forecast is the mood of the moment.
When it rains, we all get wet, no matter what “Sign” we are.
If you like this forecast, let others know.  SEND IT TO THEM.
If you have comments or questions, LET ME KNOW.
Check Your Four Personal Points every week to see if any of them is targeted, and…

Your Horoscope is the picture of the Heavens for the moment you were born.  Using the latest advances in Astronomy and Astrology, get a Horoscope reading with accurate, up-to-date detail.

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