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How to use Gemstones with your Horoscope. Learn all 12 Zodiac Stones

In astrology, a zodiac stone is a gemstone associated with a particular zodiac sign. 

Each zodiac sign is associated with one or more gemstones that are believed to bring luck, prosperity, and other positive energies to the wearer. Zodiac stones are also sometimes referred to as “birthstones.”

Here is a list of the zodiac stones for each sign, an exerpt from the upcoming second edition of Vastu Astrology: How to Work With Earth Magic to Light Up Your Stars.

Aries: Red Chalcedony:

Is good to erase self-doubt and bring inner peace and tranquility. Healing: Wear or hold this gem if you get worried easily. Mars

Taurus: Very grounding to the earth element of Venus/Taurus, Agate helps us remain rooted in the physical, while vibrating downloads from the Cosmos. Agate is very mystical. Watch out for dyed Agate. Know your source.

Gemini: Green Fluorite is used to embolden the mind, and strengthen discernment. Mercury

Cancer: Silver Druzy Agate: Agate connects to the Deva Realm’s gentleness, opening us up to the Joy of the Earth. This reduces anxiety and it helps strengthen relationships, based on this gentle, harmonious vibration.

Leo: Yellow Topaz gemstones are used to attract abundance, stabilize happiness, and build a field of protection. Sun is the ruler of Leo.


Virgo: Landscape Agate heals the etheric realm by purifying, calming, and clarifying reality. Also helps young mothers produce milk and keep the breasts healthy.  Mercury is the co-ruler of Virgo/Gemini

Libra: Pink-Orange Tourmaline uplifts heart energy. Tourmaline releases tension, and disperses negativity. It promotes healthy self-worth. It helps overcome our fear based patterns so we can attract positive needs into our survival patterns: inspiration, balance, compassionate understanding, and prosperity.

Scorpio: Pink Jasper Heart is a stone of self-empowerment. It can build confidence and strength. Jasper is a supreme nurturer. Like Pluto it encourages us to be candid and honest, providing courage to transform.

Sagittarius: Tigers Eye attracts abundance and the golden and earthy hues are good for grounding it into our material existence. Helps Venus bring expansive luck and love. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Labradorite  is especially helpful for those who overwork. It provides a powerful protector shield, as it can  temper the negativity within ourselves. Use it to attract and see a more grounded magical experience of truth and beauty. Saturn

Aquarius: Aura Chalcedony promotes feelings of calm and balance. The utter magic of Uranus is easily seen and felt in this Uranian looking gem from middle earth’s vibratory field.

Pisces: Larimar is a mystical gemstone that is thought to open the third eye. Wearing it brings a calm tranquility to the mind. Neptune’s Larminar looking fields show us the Deva realm gem connection.

Advantages of Zodiac Stones

The benefits of Zodiac Stones are largely based on astrological tradition.

Wearing a zodiac stone brings good luck, positive energy, and other benefits based on the astrological qualities associated with the stone.

Wearing a zodiac stone associated with your birth sign can bring luck, prosperity, and other positive energies.


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