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  • The third and final oppositionof Jupiter and Mercury occurs while Mercury is Direct at 01 Libra 41 and Jupiter is still Retrograde at 01 Aries 41 on the 12th of October 2022 just after midnight on the West Coast.
  • If you have planets in the first decan of the Cardinal signs, you will be impacted by three intertwining lessons on relationships. This aspect is happening on the Galactic Center, a black hole, which compacts, trashes, resets, renews, and therefore makes space for new relationships. This is a rare opportunity to go forward in a new way, incorporating all the lessons of the past.
  • Keep the goal of not projecting (Libra’s shadow) and the goal of pioneering (Aries positive) while using these mantras:
  1. I am Balance, I use harmony and diplomancy to find the highest best outcomes for all.
  2. As I am continually lighting the highest path forward, I make time to enjoy the Moonlight,and the shadows. I integrate the catharsis that naturally arises, as the play of consciousness of yin and yang, light and shadow unfolds.
  • MERCURY JUPITER watch your expectations of others.
  • Listening is the call to action for Libra. 
  • Try the best honest expression to others, as MERCURY trines MARS from Gemini.
  • This is a learning triangle,. Triangles are harmonious, so it is easier to use the opposition to learn.
  • The trine can assist you to create  by expressing honestly and in a way that affects the Greater Good for all.

Make sure you are realistic, not over assuming that the others can do everything you want from them. And give realistic boundaries with others as well. You will see how things can flow if you keep the eye on the moment, allowing the expansions, allowing the river to flow.

With Mercury Retrograde in Libra you have to correct your imbalances.  Go deeper young Jedai/Shambala warrior.

—Venus ruled Libra is also overseeing Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, and as we embrace our changing social needs, we are also experiencing the vibrations of the NEW PENTAGRAM in Libra on Oct 22, 2022

Libra this month is the last of an era, and warring-strategic, lower frequency. Better partnered agendas can now uplift into a more sharing, caring, inclusive, and higher collaborating frequency.

Pluto is in the territory of World Soul learning, so this is a Big Push to be the best you can be.

  • Mars is moving through GEMINI where it will retrograde for eight months. It begins on Oct 31st, 2022 at 25 Gemini. See my patreon calendar for all the dates.  Mars at 23 Gemini squaring Neptune at 23 Pisces. Watch for confusion, deception, inspiration, vision, music, film to be in the public awareness.
Teach don't preach is the Jupiter mantra to help you harness this Full Moon to its fullest.
  • Work on finding the third prong to all healthy relationships to take full advantage of growth and healing.
  • For some it will be a dharma path, others their yoga class, others their love of music, art, or fashion.
  • Some will enjoy connecting through escapist activities- healthier ones being film, sharing a glass of wine: In Vino Veritas.
  • Other’s don’t drink and share plant medicine. Open your heart and let others do as they will.
  • The only thing to really avoid with Jupiter in this mix is judging others. Instead practice compassionate understanding for yourself and others

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