The FULL Moon occurs at

00 LEO 51 JAN 20 915PM PST

The Lunar Nodes are now in Cancer (north node) and Capricorn (south node.)

This Leo/Aquarius Eclipse brings the last 18 months to an end in as much as LEO/AQ Eclipses now give way to Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Eclipses. 

Leo is our heart, our creatve self-expression, our love life, our kids, our romantic nature, our strength to deal with life's curve balls, in the evolutionary astrological wisdom it is how we integrate life's events thus self-actualizing our purpose.

We must be full of our selves, in the nicest possible way now, so that we can pour our talent into the world.

The polarity of the Sun in Aquarius can help us to expand into to the needs of the social world around us, our friends, our tribe, our village, our planet... basically whatever level of the tribal interface that you are up to.

Jan 20 2019 9 15 pm PST
Jan 21 2019 00 15 am EST
MOON  00 LEO 51
SUN      00 LEO 51

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