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The Sun and Venus are less than 10 degrees apart until Dec 2 when Venus ascends from below the earth’s horizon, and out of Blazing the Sunlight where she just spent 40 days getting fired back up, turning her passion into Wisdom. And when we first see her glorious beauty this Dec 2, 2022, she begins her Evening Star phase. During the entire month of November Venus and the Sun are not more than 10 degrees apart. This is why we cannot see Venus. But she is moving with the Sun, and regenerating, and reenergizing.    Remember that the sacred feminine aspect of us all (Venus) has purpose, strength, and the light on our side. 


 This year, 2022, the women of Iran started a revolution in October during the shifting of Morning Star to Evening Star.

Oprah Winfrey was born on the Sun/Venus Superior Conjunction. 

Martin Luther King Jr.  gave his famous speech on the day of a Sun/Venus Superior Conjunction.

See chart below. 

Gurujagat was born on the Sun /Venus Superior Conjunction.

These conjunctions are part of the Overall 5 star Mysterious Pentagram of Venus, the Sun and the Earth in orbit. 


See animated image below.

The Sun Venus Conjunction on Oct 22, 2022 begins a new Libra Pentagram Point, as Venus stays in a 40 day position behind the Sun.

Venus is in Blazing Sunlight and invisible from the Earth’s persepctive. 

She then rises as an Evening Star on Dec 1, 2022, beginning the embodied experience and the Seven Gates of Wisdom. 

The first gate is the Moon Venus Conjunction on December 24th, 2022. 

What a glorious Christmas Evening this will be!


The truth about the inner Pentagram’s petals can be seen in the beauty of these souls above. Rebels, pioneers, and charismatic leaders.

As we watch these three lives we see souls who were on fire, passionate, brave and true, as if fueled by inner light. Their soul’s lighted path may be  the right description of these Morning Star graduates, who enter the  Fire of the Sun/ Venus Superior conjunction. The lives blaze with courage and freedom from NEW VALUES garnered in the Morning Star phase. We can see their impact on the world, and they are the emodiment of the modern myth for our times.

The recent SUN/VENUS Superior Conjunction in LIBRA  on  Oct 22, 2022 will share its invisible light with our hearts. If you figure out how to get your heart chakra to spin the right way and open to the light, you make a very big shift in the Venus in Sunlight unfolding until Dec 2, 2022.

Civil Rights March on Washington DC

Aug 28, 1963—250,000 People Protested


The Venus Pentagram Point that began in 1964 was in Gemini. Our current rare Transit of Venus is a part of the unfolding of the larger Gemini Venus Pentagram Points. From 2004-2012 two VPPs formed in Gemini, as Venus transited the Sun. This is part of the overall 1,215 year cycle of the Venus Transit. 



The Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. for Jobs and Freedom culminated with Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Over 250,000 people participated in this march for equal rights.


The radical 60s correlated to the changing of the guard as the new Gemini VPP began as a Morning Star on the axis of the Galactic Center. 


John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were both slain in the fight for equality that the Uranus-Pluto conjunction also reveals. The wounded healer, asteroid Chiron opposes the Uranus­­-Pluto Conjunction showing the losses. 


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