Tashi met Jack Schwartz when she was a teenager in the 1970s. He was a mesmerizing futurist, teaching us how to see the aura, improve our diet and nutrition, use homeopathy, breath work and many other avant-gard ideas that were to be a part of the burgeoning New Age ahead.

His best friend was Joe Campbell ( of the Hero’s Journey) and Tashi spent a weekend with Jack and Joe at a UBC weekend conference in Vancouver, Canada – a memorable and deeply inspiring time. The subject was Western mythology and Tibetan Buddhism, both areas of her greatest passion.

 Tashi studied with both Jack Schwartz and Joseph Campbell throughout her life until they both departed Gaia, holding many of their treasures within her heart. When she was 17 he told her to follow her bliss, for example.

This interview appeared in a hard copy of the Enlightening Times when it was published in Charlottesville, Vain the 1990s. It is archived at UVA, Charlottesville.

Tashi: How do we achieve Balance in the Body?

Jack Schwarz:  Most people in this society, and particularly in the fields that we are operating in at the moment, think that you need to get into balance. When, in fact, the minute you are in balance, you need to get out of it because your being has become static.

A better way to look at the notion of balancing energies would be to examine the equalization of the electro positive and the electro negative qualities. When we are balancing, what is really happening is that we are synchronizing these qualities until they are comparatively equal.

All energy is curved. All motion is spiralling vortices of energy-in-motion, positive and negative. Each has its own potential. The positive has qualities that the negative is lacking, and so they have to complement each other so an integration takes place, so that a harmonizing takes place, in a total cyclic way.

The ruler of the South Node in Scorpio is Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, and Venus in Scorpio loop through the planetary ruler ships again.
The ruler of the North Node is Venus in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus back to Venus in Scorpio loop through the planetary ruler ships again…

We may force the body into a balancing through different techniques, but eventually this balancing happens naturally, going beyond the identification of positive and negative. To understand how the training process works, envision a pendulum which you hold on the right side, the positive (+) side of your energy field. If you wanted to get to the left side you would have to release all of the power from the right side to get to the left side. Should you interfere with the momentum of the pendulum, you interfere with the process.

If, however, we have a perfect functioning energy field, energy flows from positive to negative and gets equal strength from both, and therefore maintains harmony and activity. Once we become accomplished at synchronizing our fields we no longer have to think about release. The pendulum just is in perpetual motion. This is the state of spontaneity, of non attachment, wherein we move with the changes that are taking place in the cosmos itself.

In this state whatever is lacking in the negative will be readjusted by the positive and whatever is lacking in the positive will be readjusted by the negative. As well, when we consider polarities, we need to go beyond the definitions of gender.

Tashi:  Jack, What about GENDER?

For example, as a female in a female body you have more female particles and in the male body a male has more masculine particles. So, if a female has 65% electro negative and 35% electro positive energies, she relates best to a male who has 35%/65% electro positive and electronegative polarity. In that state then you have perfectly resonating particles between the two.

Feminine jack schwarz spiral

In order to be harmonious, which is a better description than balanced, it is important to express one’s essence. Anyone who does not express his or her essence will always have problems to relate harmoniously with others. If a female who is predominantly female does not use her feminine energy, she will have problems relating to the opposite sex. The same for the male.

The rule of thumb then is that if the predominant percentage is not being activated, there is no existence harmony between the dominant and non-dominant . Likewise, a person who is predominantly right brain and does not express it or share it with the lesser used hemisphere, the left in this case, will be continuously in a state of imbalance. This will be called a learning disability.


It is important to identify whatever we have in dominance and lack of dominance. In this way we can learn to synchronize in order to be harmonious. In electric terms we would call this an electric current, a flow. Instead of focusing on balancing it is wiser to learn to be non-attached. In the non-attached state you are flowing.

Tashi:  And so many of us need help to keep HARMONY…in our relationships…

Jack:  If you notice that those who can be authoritative are also very self-sufficient. However if others wish to assist and do things for them they allow it. And in their interactions with others, if in team work, a person does not do something they agreed to do, rather than complain, they simply do the work for the other. And in this way they learn to give unconditionally. Lois and I co-run the Aletheia Foundation together and we often pick up the slack for each other. When later I realize that Lois completed a forgotten task of mine, I am grateful. This is so important in keeping harmony in relationships. I am grateful for the ability to be nice, to give. Energy is not for-getting but for-giving. We tend to only give conditionally and it would be better not to give at all if this is the cJack Schwarz: ase.

As society we need to learn to give to each other and be grateful for the opportunity to share. As well it is important to let the Thou self run your life. The Thou self is spontaneous and non-attached. Most of humanity believes if it just detaches from a situation that this they are non-attached and therefore will not be involved in consequences. But it is not so. Non-attachment means to stay in your own energy field. Radiant and present. Lesser vibrations cannot then enter into your energy field and there are no consequences to detach from. You simply experience your own intention at that point. So from this point of view you should be very selfish. Allow your Thou self to direct your life.

I am fond of telling people to love each other. L.O.V.E. that is.

And I also recommend that people practice nonverbal adaptation to each other’s needs. Serve each other. Be grateful for that ability.

Michael Talbot, author of “The Holographic Universe”

“In educating, Jack Schwarz lays out the most basic foundations of maintaining personal health in a simple, practical, real-life way. His view stretches from the macrocosmic in which he discusses the immune system of the world, to the microcosmic where he teaches us to communicate with the cells of our body.”

Barbara Brennan, author of “Hands of Light”

“What delights and amazes me in the life, the wisdom and the teaching of my friend (Jack Schwarz) is the way in which his words so often illuminate for me the sayings of the greatest masters.”


Joseph Campbell, author of “The Power of Myth”

“In the 1970’s Jack Schwarz, a Dutch-born author and lecturer, astounded researchers in laboratories across the U.S. with his ability to willfully control his body’s internal biological processes. He believes anyone can learn voluntary control of their body and thus gain responsibility for his or her own health.”

Jack Schwarz has been a subject, researcher and consultant at major biomedical and life science research centers in the United States and abroad. Results of tests performed on Jack document his abilities to self-regulate many psycho-physiological processes. By voluntarily attaining specific brain wave states, Jack Schwarz has been shown to control the pain of physical trauma; regulate blood flow, blood pressure, and heart rate; heal his body within hours after it was injured; and be unaffected by toxic substances injected into his body.

Readings charted by an electro-encephalograph confirmed that the electrical output of his brain had a greater amplitude and voltage than other research subjects. Jack’s range of vision exceeds what is normally considered to be visible light. As a consequence he sees the band of electro-magnetic energy fields which surround every organic body.

Based upon 60 years of observing energy fields, Jack Schwarz can describe the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions of people and the degree to which they use their unique energy potentials. It is the educating of others in self-health and awareness, and bringing together research on health and human energies to which Jack is dedicated.

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