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by  Tashi Powers, Evolutionary Astrologer

As the Sun enters Scorpio the Eclipse on November 8th is already in the zeitgeist. The Season of the Witch will carry the frequency into the 6 months ahead when the next cycle of Eclipses builds on these eclipses. There are ways to look at the cycles to see them lasting 93 years, and also there is a larger study of returning eclipses (Saros cycle).

The eclipse is linked to the south node of the moon and the north node of the moon. This full moon is a total eclipse because it occurs within a degree of the Nodes.  This gives you a power tool to pick up something to deal with the cataclysm of change the Eclipse brings to your daily life. The past and the already known aspect of our soul is reflected in the South Node, The North is generally the way forward, the values we need to learn. So in the case of these two eclipses, we are dealing with Taurus (survival) and Scorpio (co-creation with the Cosmos/ Vibrating the Cosmos.)  You have take a good look at your values, how you use your talents to earn your living and how you receive and need support from the others. Partnerships and marriages will have extra intensity to grow, change, or die.

The ruler of the South Node in Scorpio is Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, and Venus in Scorpio loop through the planetary ruler ships again.
The ruler of the North Node is Venus in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus back to Venus in Scorpio loop through the planetary ruler ships again…

Pluto Cap, Saturn AQ,  Venus SCORPIO, and Uranus in TAURUS.
All these planets are WORKING IN TANDEM. This configuration asks us to build something new, for the greater good of all, and fix financial inequalities, and Government structures. We need to reform our society and this PLANETARY CREW can makes changes.

PLUTO – growth, co-creation, divine feminine wisdom, Kali – transformation, confrontational.
SATURN – truth, beauty, boundaries, structures, building, authority, status, snobbery.
URANUS – Freedom from the known, Breakthroughs, Change, Surprises, Unpredictability, Fun, Shock, Trauma.
VENUS – Values, Love, Ethics, Co-Creations with the Cosmos in Scorpio, Intensity, Passion.


The Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is the focus until the Spring. Venus in the 40 days of blazing sunlight is part of this eclipse.  Use the time to be the light, be the example of loving kindness and self love.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse correlates to Black Thursday’s crash of Wall Street on Oct 24, 1929 in NYC. This is a nodal return of 93 years. Astrologers see a different kind of financial restructuring coming out of this eclipse in Nov 2022, which could correlate to the US election.


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