Tashi Powers 1996 Interview with the founder of Master Charles
Eckhart Tolle with Master Charles
Within a Sourcefield, everyone and everything slows down, relaxes and becomes peaceful and blissful. Master Charles has been called a sourcefield generator who brought his 12 years in India to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, and started a movement of high tech meditation.

As the Eastern spiritual practices take root
strongly in the West they carry with them the sociopolitical and cultural elements of Eastern traditions. 

In this arena of spiritual development, a teacher is seen as essential in any authentic system of profound spiritual transformation. 

To Westerners, inundated by a societal value of individuality and democratic principles, the practices and methods of the Eastern path may sometimes resemble cult-like indoctrination techniques. 

As Westerners find a genuine, authentic path for themselves as yogis and meditators it is instructive to watch the baby steps of the Eastern thought forms morph and adapt to Western lifestyles.


I once meditated at the Synchronicity Sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. High-tech meditation drops you into the theta-delta threshold, and the New Age soundtracks keep you there. 

  Here is the interview that appeared in the Print Version of the Enlightening Times, in 1996. It is timely and worthy of inclusion as the ET online continues to update its’ archives!

Interview with Master Charles

by Tashi Powers in bold.

I am pursuing something which was said to me in the 70′s by my great spiritual guide, Kalu Rinpoche. I now realize, that as visionary as he was, Kalu probably foresaw that I would live near Washington, D.C. Because seemingly out of the blue one day he told me “many yogis would live around the American capital in order to protect the world as America became a more potent force for World peace.” He said that anyone, anywhere, within a 300 mile radius of an enlightening being is basking in that enlightening energy. I think I have heard you describe this same experience as an enlightening Sourcefield. Borrowing this word for my descriptive purposes, Kalu said that this `Sourcefield’ effect has a balancing and protective influence on the surrounding geographical area. Noticing that your meditation sanctuary is within 300 miles of DC, the ET would like your thoughts on this revered Tibetan Buddhist’s perspective.

First and foremost, your teacher, the Venerable Kalu Rinpoche, was from the Buddhist tradition. The Buddhist tradition has a very high regard for the enlightening master as exemplified by the Buddha. The whole of Buddhist culture and religion is built around the ultimate in human mastery which is the state of enlightenment. As demonstrated by the Buddha, this is the illumining transfiguration that is the culmination of the human journey. It is the experience of oneness, the merging of duality into non-duality, of the individual into the universal cosmic consciousness. Following such mystical transcendence, the enlightened one remains as a demonstration of the potential and possibility for all human beings. This living demonstration embodies a Sourceful presence, an enlightening vibration that entrains all and everything into its Sourcefield. It is the state of freedom. It is peaceful, blissful and full of love, for this is the nature of Source through the human expression of enlightening mastery.

What are the mechanics of this “Sourcefield”?

The mechanics in a contemporary understanding are quite simple if we consider it scientifically. Firstly, all phenomenal manifestation is conscious energy or consciousness. All manifest form is energy i.e., Einstein said all matter is one energy in essence. All manifest energy forms exhibit polarity. The tension within the polarity of energy forms causes vibration and the frequency of this vibration is the signature of each energy form. Enlightening awareness expresses itself as a very decelerated frequency of vibration. Since the low frequency has the highest amplitude, the vibrational frequency of an enlightened human being is very powerful. This Sourcefield emanates from such a human being and entrains all that surrounds it to its very decelerated frequency of vibration. Within such a Sourcefield, everyone and everything slows down, relaxes and becomes peaceful and blissful. As awareness expands, all boundaries diminish and there is the state of freedom. But, bottom line, it is just a matter of energetic entrainment. This is the Sourcefield principle that your teacher referred to when he taught you about it.

In your book, The Bliss of Freedom, you mention meeting Maharishi in India and abroad in your travels with your own teacher, Swami Muktananda. The TM Movement’s founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, called the The Sourcefield, “The Super Radiance Effect.” His explanation was that you could have the square root of 1% of a population meditating simultaneously to protect and nurture the entire area’s populace. This seems congruent with Kalu’s premise. Do you agree with Maharishi?

Yes, I agree with Maharishi’s premise regarding the Sourcefield. If 1% of the world population would meditate, the overall frequency of vibration will decelerate and this will have a transforming effect on world experience. It will expand awareness and manifest enlightening expression which is peace, bliss and love.

Is this why your community meditates every day?

The Synchronicity community meditates together every day because meditation is the technology of conscious, truthful living. It is the means to awareness expansion and Sourceful enlightening human mastery. Each human being is always at choice to experience the fullness of Sourceful being. Thus, we meditate first and foremost to experience Sourceful being. Yet, transformation in the individual is simultaneous in the collective. If enough individuals meditate and live Sourcefully, then the collective experience also becomes Sourceful. The principle of the Sourcefield is then demonstrated in the collective world insofar as there is more peace, bliss and love…..there is more truthful experience.

Deepak Chopra, whose books stay on the New York Times Bestseller List for months at a time, is talking about spirituality as the missing component in the fulfillment of the American dream. The Dalai Lama is on Larry King Live talking about spirituality and its place in modern life. Andrew Weill is on the cover of Time Magazine talking about alternative health care for Americans…It seems there are potent voices for conscious living within easy earshot of mainstream America. Can we look at the media coverage of the New Age as a type of Sourcefield effect?

The expressions of such people as Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weill and the Dalai Lama through the collective media are the result of the individual expressions within it. What you term the New Age is a conglomerate of individual conscious intention that manifests its reflection collectively. These wellknown individuals then, are the voice of the collective conscious expression. It is the Sourcefield of all the individuals that comprise it. It validates the principle of enlightening being as entrainment. As it grows in numbers, it manifests a proportional peace, bliss and love…the truthful expressions of Sourceful being.

I know you have coined the phrase “New Empirical Mysticism.” I am interested in your perspective as an American mystic who spent 12 years in India… in terms of a Western path.

For example, in as much as we understand from the Eastern yogic path that the body must be honoured as a vehicle for the spirit and therefore must be purified and nurtured, I wondered if the presence of Deepak and Weill, both doctors, might be a sign that a Western path (in the larger collective) might be in its early stages of unfolding?

These medical doctors are the current gurus of the American and Western cultures. They are credentialed in ways that are culturally acceptable in the West where intellectual knowledge is most highly regarded, compared to the East where enlightening awareness beyond intellectual knowledge is more highly regarded.

Since these gurus are Western physicians, it is inevitable that they will focus on the physical body. Yet, they also recommend meditation and a spiritual focus as vital arts of the human experience of well-being. This will serve as an awakening for many Westerners who need scientific rather than religious validation because of their cultural conditioning in order to explore the more Sourceful dimensions of themselves. Yet, within this expression is the Sourceful intention of the individuals that comprise the collective reflection through these gurus. It matters not the form it takes. It is still an expansion of awareness that is always happening within a universal manifestation that is transcendental to both time and place. There is neither path nor destination, rather the inevitable expansion of Sourceful awareness that is the point of all human experience.


If there is neither path nor destination, what’s the point?

When I say that there is neither path nor destination, I am expressing the truth from a nondual perspective. In this understanding, the path is not separate from the destination. Rather, the path and the destination are the play of one Source consciousness.

When you become experientially aware of this truth, path and destination merge into each other and all that remains is the one non-dual Source. Yet, most human beings remain mired in duality and inevitably separate everything into polar opposites, forgetting that all polar opposites are in essence the same Source consciousness.

It is the same as making several different shapes of clay pots and then forgetting that they are all the same clay in essence. If you live a fraudulent duality in which you separate everything, then you would have a path to tread and a destination to reach. This would be anchored in time and space duality and you would live a goaloriented life seeking to get to someplace in an illusory future that never comes. This is always the fraud in dualistic spiritual seeking when you meditate today in the hope of getting enlightened tomorrow or sometime in the distant future. Rather, the truth is that in the stillness of meditative Source awareness, all duality disappears.

There is neither past nor future, but just the eternal now of presence beyond the duality of time and space. Enlightenment thus becomes enlightening awareness within the eternal now of here as both path and destination merge into each other and cease to exist as separate. So, the point, as per your question, is “Truth”: the pure, non-dual awareness of one Source consciousness as all and everything and forever beyond.



If 1% of the world population would meditate, the frequency of vibration will decelerate and have a transforming effect on the world experience and manifest peace, bliss and love.

Why do you feel there is such a strong collective identification with spirituality in these times as evidenced by such run-away best sellers as “Conversations with God”?

Collective identification, as you term it, is rooted in collective intention. Collective intention manifests within a collective consciousness. In these times, there is an ever-expanding awareness of the truth of what life is really all about. You call this spirituality. It is simply truthful awareness. It is always expanding, for truthful awareness is the nature of reality and in phenomenal manifestation, it is always expanding. Thus, as increasing numbers of human beings expand in truthful awareness and express themselves consciously, this truthful collective intention manifests within the collective consciousness wherein it is immediately reflected back and acknowledged or celebrated.

Thus, you have books such as “Conversations with God”, which express a truthful awareness, becoming run-away best sellers. This is just the contemporary human way of validating our collective consciousness. What is worth noting in all this is that it demonstrates that truthful awareness is now expansive enough to manifest a mass validation through the publishing world.

It will only progressively increase and be likewise validated in many additional arenas, for reality as awareness in manifestation is forever increasing. There will be more and more such validations everywhere to be expressed of what you term the collective identification with spirituality….. it is inevitable….. it is already happening and in this happening we all become more conscious human beings. Such is the nature of the one Source consciousness that is all and everything and forever beyond. So be it!

by Tashi Powers


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