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  • Practice compassionate understanding. The final opposition of Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aries brings you to face lessons of authentic relating. Mercury is direct, but Jupiter is still moving backwards, and will enter
    Pisces on October 28th, 2022.
  • An opposition is always a time of more objectivity. The retrograde takes you on a spiral staircase. Did you ascend through truth and objectivity? Did you descend through selfishness?
  • In essence you are learning to manage expectations, which involves experiencing what it is like to be open minded, expansive, and in the case of a meditator, flowing with what is.
  • Mercury in Libra asks us to be aware of the “other”, as we continuously practice walking
    a mile in the other person’s moccasins. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do
    not say anything meanly.
  • Jupiter in Aries asks us to be adventurous in expanding our perspectives. Continue to manage expectations. Most people are focused on themselves and are on overwhelm, and Aries supports self-honoring, so don’t be needing others to complete you. If people keep their word, hallelujah. Most are seemingly unaware of the karma of breaking their word. Try not to fall into making promises and expanding beyond your reality. Don’t use others.
  • Don’t waste time with those who cannot collaborate honestly, which is the deeper lessons of Saturn in AQuarius we are all facing. Trust and  reverberate your truth for the Jupiter blessings.
  • This opposition falls on the Galactic Center at 2𝆩 LIbra. This area of the sky hosts a blackhole that is activated yearly at the Libra Equinox in the Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and on the first day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Watch compulsions regarding how you relate and interact with others.
  • Give and take and find the third factor that truly connects you with the person with
    whom you are relating.
Teach don't preach is the Jupiter mantra to help you harness this Full Moon to its fullest.
  • Work on finding the third prong to all healthy relationships to take full advantage of growth and healing.
  • For some it will be a dharma path, others their yoga class, others their love of music, art, or fashion.
  • Some will enjoy connecting through escapist activities- healthier ones being film, sharing a glass of wine: In Vino Veritas.
  • Other’s don’t drink and share plant medicine. Open your heart and let others do as they will.
  • The only thing to really avoid with Jupiter in this mix is judging others. Instead practice compassionate understanding for yourself and others

Use these mantras to light the highest path forward:
• I am Balance. I do not only embrace the light. I am a play of consciousness, embracing
the play of shadow and light.
• I am Harmony.
• I am Diplomacy

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