Meet Tashi Powers

Tashi Powers is an Evolutionary Astrologer to the stars, and an acknowledged Gemstone Astrology Master. She is a teacher and published author. Tashi is recognized as a world-class Astrologer with clients around the world, and she  has taught  three times in Australia, New Zealand, and currently focuses her classes in the USA and Europe. Her Zoom classes as well as her Patreon are populated by good people all over the planet.

During her career, Tashi has read the charts of acclaimed music artists, The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Madonna, George Harrison, Charlie Puth, Hollywood stars including Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, Denise Richards, Steven Segal, and industry moguls including The Marciano Brothers (Guess) who she predicted an easy 40 year run in 1980, with a hitch in 40 years (2020), and many other entrepreneurs and business leaders.

She is deeply dedicated to supporting individuals on their spiritual journeys to successfully meet and excel at their personal evolutionary challenges. Tashi has developed a unique practice and approach which uses Gemstone and Evolutionary Astrology to help her clients to use their success responsibly, manage success and/or develop successful strategies.

In 1994, Tashi Powers launched The Enlightening Times magazine to document the emergence of ‘Western Spirituality, Alternative Perspectives, Whole Being and New Ways of Living in our Western Culture.’ This journal of inquiry showcased new and bold ideas that are now increasingly a part of mainstream society. The print version of many editions is at the UVA in Charlottesville, Va archives, where it was printed in the 1990s.

In the last several years, Tashi has focused on putting her vast knowledge into dynamic and essential books to educate and empower others. The Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram, deciphers the cycles of Venus, the planet that rules love, money, relationships, and self-worth. Tashi’s second book, Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology, teaches evolutionary astrological principles she learned from her mentor, Jeffrey Wolf Green, and focuses on the core of how to see yourself through your unique lens of evolutionary growth and natural law.

Gemstone Astrology, How to Vibrate the Cosmos, is Tashi’s application of combining the ancient Vedic practice of Vastu with astrological charts, planets, and aspects. Using gemstones and other cures to align with natural law, the benefits, blessings, and miracles are endless. She developed the Gemstone/Vastu Astrology App (available on iOS and Android) to give everyone the opportunity to create their own Gemstone/Vastu grid.

Tashi is currently researching and writing additional books on astrology that are sure to astound and expand the canon.

A session with Tashi will teach you how to co-create with the cosmos, and clear your path to secure the beauty, bounty and bliss promised in the cosmic blueprint of your horoscope.