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Tashi Powers

Astrologer to the Stars and Gemstone Astrology Master

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How to Vibrate the Cosmos
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Meet Tashi Powers in person.

Tashi Powers, Astrologer to the Stars, and Vastu Master has worked as professional Evolutionary Astrologer for over three decades.

A reading with Tashi is a transformational, life-affirming experience. Her in person lectures in Malibu are a celebration, and her insights into the upcoming Eclipses are profound and as Shakespeare put it: “Forewarned is forearmed.”  

Eclipse Insight: A Journey through Libra & Scorpio with Tashi Powers

Date: Saturday


Time: 4.30 pm PDT

Venue:Malibu, CA

🌒 Discover the Dynamics of the Upcoming Eclipses🌘

10/14 & 10/28/2023 

with an Astrological Maestro! 

Why Attend?
☯Decades of Wisdom: With 50 years of experience, Tashi Powers is one of the leading voices in the realm of astrology. Dive deep into the knowledge she brings from her vast experience.
⚖ Libra Eclipse Insight: Understand the subtleties and nuances of the Libra eclipse and how its energies might influence your personal and collective experiences.
🦂Scorpio Eclipse Unveiled: Decode the mysterious and intense energies of the Scorpio eclipse, learning how they might reshape your future.
🚪Eclipse Dynamics: Grasp the profound concept of how eclipses can usher in endings and beginnings in your life.
🌟Interactive Learning: This isn’t just a lecture! Engage in interactive activities that will help you map these cosmic events onto your personal astrological chart.
🛣 Stay Ahead of the Curve: Foreknowledge is power! Understand potential shifts in your life and navigate them with grace and clarity.
What You’ll Take Away:
🌝A clear understanding of the two October eclipses and their significance.🌚
💡Insight into how these eclipses might affect your personal life and the world at large.🌏
⛏ Tools to track the influence of these ♎eclipses ♏ in your own
astrological chart🔮.
👱🏾👱🏻🙍🙍🏻A network of like-minded individuals keen on deepening their DEastrological understanding.
Whether you’re new to 🌠astrology or have been dabbling for a while, this class promises a rich blend of learning, interaction🌃, and personal growth.
🔮 Equip yourself with cosmic insight and navigate the turbulent energies of the eclipses with confidence and clarity!
Join Tashi Powers and embark on an enlightening astrological journey. 🔮
Reserve Your Spot Today!
Price: There will be limited spaces, so please reserve your space in advance with Venmo or PayPal for discounted $35/person. Day of will be $40 (if avail). Venmo address is carla-mccloskey. Last 4 digits of phone if asked are 3706. PayPal is [email protected]. Be sure to use the Friends and Family option on PayPal to avoid extra charges. Make your reservations now to get the discount and secure your spot. Thank you.
Olandar, Home of Carla and Leigh McCloskey in Malibu, CA RSVP to [email protected] or call 310-457-5398 for the address and more info.


The Solar Return is your real birthday every year, when the planets return to their original places in your natal (birth) chart. The Solar Return or “Birthday to birthday forecast” speaks to the trends in your new year ahead. This ancient technique focuses on the karmic lessons, Evolutionary Gateways, and other deep soul lessons.


Locational Astrology shows you which neighborhoods, cities, and countries represent places that provide either auspicious or challenging planetary experiences. Through Astrocartography, clients are empowered to recognize and activate their most auspicious positions on Earth. Tashi shares her advanced techniques.


Astrology is an ancient, practical study of the human life cycle, patterns, and time. What better way to learn about yourself, others, and the world, than through your own in-depth study with an expert guide? Over the course of weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, hour-long appointments for three consecutive months.


A made-to-order Vastu hanger customized just for you to deliver wellness, love, abundance, fertility or self-empowerment.


For ongoing clients, looking at your transits provide a key to understanding personal life trends by checking in for an overview of the week ahead or an important moment in your life.


A soul-refreshing look at your life’s Big Picture. This session includes an analysis of your birth chart to reveal your karma, life purpose, and your soul’s inner-most desires and needs. A natal reading with Tashi is a unique, life experience in itself.


Sign Up To Join Tashi’s Patreon Page

Patreon members access Tashi’s Monthly Webinars and receive a monthly Calendar with detailed insights into the transits:

  • Full Moon     
  • New Moon   
  • Eclipses          
  • Venus Gates
  • Solstices        
  • Equinoxes    
  • Retrogrades come with Vastu Positions and Cures.
Our products

Vastu hangers are an essential part of the Seeker’s toolkit.

Beautifully assembled as a string of customized precious gemstones and crystals, Vastu hangers add magical light to any space and act as a personal antenna to attract beneficial planetary frequencies and support your well-being.


Learn more about your destiny on our Vastu Astrology App

The Vastu Astrology mobile app addresses the questions most frequently asked by clients of astrologers.


“Personal experience tells me that Tashi Powers is the real deal–and the Basics of Evolutionary Astrology is a superb guide that will inform and enlighten in ways that most other astrology books simply cannot.

It is the work of a true master of her craft, rich food for the inquiring mind.”


Whitley Strieber
Author Film Subject

“My first session with Tashi felt like the first time I was truly seen.  

She is plugged into a divine channel that echoes truth and crystalline insight.”





Serena Ryder
Canadian Rock Star

“Tashi upgraded the entrie frequency of my space, unlocking the Devas and positive energy that allows my creativity and peacefulness to flow.

I feel at home, safe, and cradled because of her Vastu work. She is a Goddes helping bring light into the world.”

Ty Styklorius
Producer: La La Land