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GEMSTONE ASTROLOGY has been practiced for over 10,000 years in both India and China as a discipline to align one’s personal space, home or business, physical locations around the earth, architecture, geomancy and gemstones, with cosmic energies. 

Westerners have borrowed from these two ancient cultures to optimize the art of living well using the elements of sky, earth, air, water and ether. Respecting both Mother Nature and the Cosmos, Gemstone Astrology aligns what is “as above – so below” into a personal experience.


Tashi Powers has developed a modern approach to an ancient Vedic Astrology tradition called Vastu, an ancient system that works directly with your personal natal astrological chart. The result of a lifetime of research and discovery is a mobile app and wonderfully illustrated companion book. Both are designed to enable you to harness the elements using precise compass directions, ancient geometric angles, colors, tarot cards, mantras, gems and sacred objects, symbols and/or deities. Once recognized, cosmic positive energies can become personalized and give all of us the opportunity to vibrate on a higher level.


Whether you are new to astrology or an evolutionary astrologer; whether you are learning to communicate with the Planets, Stars, Galactic Center or a Yogini aspiring to open your Third Eye to the wonders of the inner dimensions; or if you are just Cosmic Curious–GEMSTONE ASTROLOGY is for you.


  • Orient and center you with the zodiacal compass on your mobile phone: East/Sunrise, True North/Midnight, West/Sunset, South/High Noon
  • Provide 3D interaction with your personal natal chart and planetary placements to align in the direction of their most positive power
  • Bring in positive energetic currents into your home, office, or any location 
  • Magnify the natural potency of gemstones, crystals and other remedies in alignment with your planetary frequencies


Gemstone Astrology: How to Vibrate the Cosmos is being re-released.

This wonderful book reviews all 12 astrological signs and houses, and details the compass directions, deities, gems and much more, so readers can analyze life conditions and create their own Gemstone Astrology remedies and cures. 

The companion Gemstone Astrology App allows users to get even more specific with exact positions to amplify the areas of your life that you most care about.

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Gemstone astrology

Gemstone Astrology: How to Vibrate the Cosmos

Online Gemstone Course with Tashi Powers

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Over 12 sessions, you will learn about each of the Zodiac Signs and Houses with a basic introduction to Gemstone Astrology

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Learn more about your destiny on our Gemstone Astrology App

The Gemstone Astrology mobile app addresses the questions most frequently asked by clients of astrologers. 

Gemstone Astrology is a “power tool” of the Aquarian Age, given us to help navigate these turbulent times on the planet. And like all the advanced technologies and tools, the power and magic of Gemstone Astrology is in the experience—not in the knowledge. You can read all you want about learning to swim in a book, but until you jump into the water, you will never truly know what it feels like to swim. With Gemstone Astrology, you just need to jump in. It's not until you start working with Tashi’s knowledge of gems and planetary combina- tions and their particular placements given in this book, that you start to feel and ex- perience the true energy, power, and magic that is Gemstone Astrology. But Buyer Beware! Using and experiencing the technology in this book is like letting a genie out of a bottle—it will catapult you into a life adventure where there’s no going back to a world that is not magical."
Tracey Lester
Tracey Lester
Artist/Vastu Practitioner