TASHI POWERS has been studying astrology since 1968 when synchronicity brought her to a talk Dane Rudhyar was giving in San Francisco, at the ONE co-operative.

She learned about the natural law of the plant cycle, ie: seed to harvest, and how it relates to the Sun, Moon and the entire Planetary System, Cosmos, Stars and on and on.

The love affair with Astrology began that day and although she built a worldwide practice with Rock Stars, Movie Stars and regular wonder filled Humanity Stars, she started her career over when she went to study with Jeffrey Wolf Green in the mid-1990s.

Jeffrey's groundbreaking understanding of astrology was turning old astrology into fortune telling and it was time to upgrade.

It took a while to integrate the understanding and the depth of the cracked open new world of Evolutionary Astrology.

Tashi now works as a professional astrologer doing the best she can to share JWG's masterful approach to evolution through our interaction with the world of Natural Law and our Planetary Systems.

You can book a session that Tashi will deliver to you on a platform that works best for your part of the world.
It is helpful to read some material on Evolutionary Astrology

Check out the hub:

The School of Evolutionary Astrology

Jeffrey Wolf Green's books on PLUTO
and the EA Glossary are excellent books to help you understand why you are here on the planet.

Tashi's first book:

THE MYSTERIES OF THE VENUS PENTAGRAM  Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram
is available on Amazon.com 


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