About Us
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About Us

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Tashi Powers, Astrologer to the stars, and an acknowledged Vastu Master has worked as a professional Evolutionary Astrologer (EA) for over three decades. Recognized as one of the Best Global Astrologers, she has clients around the world and is a regular on RAMA TV, with an audience of over 50,000 superfans.

During her career, Tashi has read the charts of acclaimed music artists, (The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Madonna, George Harrison), Hollywood stars, (Steven Segal, Robert Pattinson, Denise Richards), and industry moguls including The Marciano Brothers (Guess), and others who prefer to remain anonymous.

She is deeply dedicated to supporting individuals on their spiritual journeys to both successfully meet and excel at their personal evolutionary challenges. Tashi has developed a unique practice and approach which uses Vastu and Evolutionary Astrology to help her clients to use their success responsibly, manage success and/or develop successful strategies. Her first book, The Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram, deciphers the cycles of Venus, the planet that rules Love, Money, Relationships and Self-Worth. Tashi’s second book delves into the world of Vastu and will be published in 2020.

A personal session with Tashi will teach you how to Vibrate With The Cosmos and clear your path to secure the beauty, bounty and bliss promised in the cosmic blueprint of your horoscope. The Evolutionary Astrological principles she learned from her mentor, Jeffrey Wolfe Green, will be transmitted as the foundation of how to see yourself through your unique lens of evolutionary growth and Natural Law.


Vastu has been practiced for over 10,000 years in both India and China as a discipline to align one’s personal space, home or business, physical locations around the earth, architecture, geomancy and gemstones, with the planetary positions. Respecting both Mother Nature and the Cosmos, Vastu aligns what is “as above – so below” into a personal experience.

Western Astrology have borrowed from these two ancient cultures to optimize the art of living well using the elements of sky, earth, air, water and ether. The purpose of Tashi’s modern take on Vastu is to use this ancient system with the benefit of personal computers in everyone’s pocket to harness these elements, along with the compass directions, ancient geometric angles and proven placements of gems, sacred symbols and/or deities, as well as color to harness cosmic positive energies.

Whether you are new to astrology or an evolutionary astrologer; whether you are learning to communicate with the Planets, Stars, Galactic Center or a Yogini aspiring to open your Third Eye to the wonders of the inner dimensions; or if you are just Cosmic Curious–VASTU is for you.