Jupiter ♃ rules the sign of Sagittarius ♐︎, and it is having a final moment in Taurus ♉︎ during this Full Moon 🌝, while conjunct Venus ♀.

The two luckiest planets are conspiring to shower you with pleasure, wealth, talent, perspective, and manifestation, culminating on the Sagittarius Flower Full Moon on May 23, 2024 at 9:53 am EDT and 6:53 AM PDT.

Previous efforts are being rewarded on this Full Moon. 

Observations and correlations show that people who have responded to the Jupiter/Uranus influence by choosing to change, upgrade, and improve their own lives, as well as help others, are being rewarded. Pluto in Aquarius favorably aspects both the Sun and Moon during this Full Moon phase, which lasts two weeks until the next New Moon. 

A favorable aspect from Pluto supports evolutionary growth. Evolutionary growth involves taking the next steps, which you generally have an innate sense of. Change is essential whenever Pluto is prominent.  Below is a cutout of the chart for the Full Moon showing Pluto sextile to the Moon and trine to the Sun.

Sextiles bring opportunities.

Trines deliver auspicious coincidences, synchronicities, and good luck, with talent flowing under trines.

Pluto in Aquarius trine the Gemini Sun helps open your mind. Mercury guides the Moon in Gemini, and in this chart, Mercury is in Taurus with Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus. Ideas about how to improve your financial life can arise spontaneously now.

Pluto in Aquarius sextile to the Sagittarius Flower Full Moon helps you observe and correlate everything around you in a deeper way. Your instincts and intuition are aligned with Natural Law, allowing you to think for yourself and make decisions based on your ability to follow your bliss.

This is the luckiest Full Moon if you are on a path of self-empowerment. On the other hand, if you are still caught in domination/submission games and giving your power away, watch out for more sadomasochism. Just remember, it is your choice to be self-empowering. No one can stop you once you decide to live life on your own terms.

Opp Sun Requires us to:

Change bad habits to good habits and old patterns of behavior to better patterns.

Make decisions that involve the highest and best outcomes for all.

The way forward on our journey is to let go on the Full Moon of any intentions set at the New Moon that failed to manifest. Alternatively, you can course-correct so that if it will take more time for your intentions to bud or grow, you are prepared to make the necessary changes to nurture them.

Jupiter ♃ and Sagittarius ♐︎ generally have a “don’t fence me in” policy, making this a great time to take a vacation, spend a day at the beach, or throw a party. 

Jupiter’s shadow side is “too much of a good thing,” which can lead to excessive travel, overeating, and poor money habits.

In other words, too much of anything or excess in the material plane will distort your ability to expand your awareness of Natural Law.

Undistorted Jupiter ♃ and Sagittarius ♐︎ represent:

– Justice, Temperance, Natural Law
– Publishing: Apps, Books, Podcasts
– Dynamic interaction with various cultures, ethics, morals, and traditions that expand perspective.

DATE  & TIME              
                    LUNAR ASPECT       
May 2303:06 EDT
Sco 29°18’
Low self-worth
May 2303:13 EDT
Sco 29°22’
May 2303:27 EDT
Sco 29°30’
Higher Love
May 2304:24 EDT
Sag 00°00’
 enters 0°Sagittarius
Correlate & Observe
May 238:09 EDT
Sag 02°00’
Chance to grow
May 239:53 EDT
Sag 02°55
Opp Sun                           

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