What is Vastu?

Vastu has been practiced for over 10,000 years in both India and China as a discipline to align one’s personal space, home or business, physical locations around the earth, architecture, geomancy, and gemstones, with the planetary positions.

Respecting Mother Nature and the Cosmos, Vastu aligns what is “as above – so below” into a personal experience.

Western Astrology has borrowed from these two ancient cultures to optimize the art of living well using the elements of sky, earth, air, water, and ether.

The purpose of Tashi’s modern take on Vastu is to use this ancient system with the benefit of personal computers in everyone’s pocket to harness these elements, along with the compass directions, ancient geometric angles, and proven placements of gems, sacred symbols, and/or deities, as well as color, to harness positive cosmic energies.

Tashi Powers presents a modern take on Vastu that uses this ancient system directly with your personal natal astrology chart. In doing so, we are able to harness the elements using exact compass directions, ancient geometric angles, colors, gems and sacred objects, symbols, and/or deities. The cosmic positive energies become personal and give all of us the opportunity to vibrate on a higher level.

Whether you are new to astrology or an evolutionary astrologer; whether you are learning to communicate with the Planets, Stars, Galactic Center, or a Yogini aspiring to open your Third Eye to the wonders of the inner dimensions; or if you are just Cosmic Curious–VASTU is for you.


  • Bring in positive energetic currents into your home, office, or any space
  • Magnify the natural potency of gemstones in alignment with planetary frequencies
  • Orienting around the zodiacal compass: East/Sunrise, True North/Midnight, West/Sunset, South/High Noon
  • 3D interaction with your personal natal chart and planetary placements in the direction of their most positive power

Vastu Astrology: How to Vibrate the Cosmos reviews all 12 astrological signs and houses and details the compass directions, deities, gems, and more for you to analyze and create your own Vastu remedies and cures.

The companion Vastu App allows you to get even more specific with exact positions to amplify the areas of your life that you care about.

Benefits of Vastu

Energy Harmonizing

Vastu compliant homes are built considering the natural elements, equivalent principles are used to balance or harmonize the energies from the cosmos, the sun, moon, earth, light and wind.

More Happiness

The perfect Vastu settings can make you feel relaxed when you return from a stressful day at work. An east-facing open window is a good option to let’s cool breeze into your house during summer and keep you warm during winters.

Customization Services

The north-east corner of your home is considered to have more positive energy. Practicing meditation or other spiritual activities in this corner of the house is considered more beneficial for both your physical and emotional health.

Harmony in Relationship

The basic demand of Vastu compliant home is to declutter the mess in and around your house. As soon as you declutter your house, you let positive energies to flow into your house, which is considered to be a good omen to build healthy relationships

Builds Trust

Harmonious relationships are the key to build trust among people. With Vastu complaint homes helps you to have  harmonious and faithful relationships

Gain in Financial Position

You have three numbers that are derived from your birth date. We’ll explain what each number means, and how it can assist you with your career.

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