Harness an Intense Mystery
The Venus Pentagram in Libra is almost 200 years in the making, occurring within 3 days of an Eclipse in Scorpio.

The New Moon in Scorpio is an intense eclipse that carries the new Venus Pentagram into our world. The Sun Moon and Venus will be at 2 Scorpio bringing much-needed change and reform into a world struggling with the polarity of light and shadow. Learn how to use the light working aspect of Kundalini and astrological spiritual practices to harness the shadow. Co-Creation is the way through this wormhole.

Join evolutionary astrologer Tashi Powers, Joanna Pitt, & the world-class astrologer, Daniel Giamario who started the awareness of these cycles and taught it to the astrological community in 2004. Receive NEW profound insight into these synodic cycles from our talk.


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